20 Growth Hacks Using Tropee

People often ask us, "How can Tropee help my business grow?" Well, we've seen our customers use Tropee in some creative and clever ways. So, we've put together a list of 20 super easy growth hacks you can try with our platform in under 10 minutes — all with the free plan. Ready to give it a go?

Celebrate Milestones with Giveaways

Reaching milestones, like hitting follower targets or launching new products, is a great time for giveaways. It's a clever marketing trick that does a lot at once. Giveaways get people excited, keep them engaged, and help your brand grow. Here are some milestone ideas to think about:

  • Social media milestones (i.e., reaching 10K followers on Instagram)
  • New product or service launches
  • Expanding into new markets
  • Celebrating your company's birthday

Take Ledger, a crypto company, as an example. They used Tropee to give away $10,000 worth of Bitcoin for the 15th anniversary of the Bitcoin white paper. About 7,000 people took part, and it caused a big buzz on social media for Ledger.

Ledger Giveaway

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Calendar Event Contests

Giveaways during holidays and special events are a smart marketing move for businesses. Instead of just focusing on big holidays like Christmas or Black Friday, consider other important events throughout the year that matter to your audience.

To keep things positive and avoid problems, choose events that match your brand and audience. You can find marketing calendars like this one for important dates. Giveaways during these events can boost your marketing and help your business succeed.

For instance, Sony Music used Tropee to give away Michael Jackson's "Thriller" vinyl for Halloween.

Market Your New Product

Product launches have changed. It used to be about TV and magazines, but now it's all about social media and influencers. With intense competition, standing out is a challenge. If you're launching something new, giveaways help spread the word and grow your email list, and drive more sales.

Involve Your Community with a Voting Reward

Our customers have really impressed us with their creative use of the 'Answer a multiple choice question' action in our platform. They've used it to get users to:

  • Vote on podcast or video topics.
  • Decide which product to give away.
  • Choose which features to launch next.
  • Choose their favorite colors for an upcoming product release.

Collect Feedback with Rewards

Do you want to gather feedback or ideas from your users? Giveaways are a smart way to get useful customer feedback in a fun way. Here are some ideas for gathering feedback with Tropee rewards:

  • Ask customers about their recent experiences with your customer support.
  • Let customers suggest new features or improvements for your products or services.
  • Measure how happy customers are using questions and the Net Promoter Score (NPS).
  • Get feedback on how easy your website or app is to use.
feedback giveaway

Boost Product Reviews with Giveaways

Getting product reviews, whether on platforms like Trustpilot, G2, or others, is a big deal for brands, but it can be tricky. Smart brands use giveaways or instant rewards to encourage their customers to leave reviews. Here's an easy example: "Write a review and you could win a $200 gift card." The good news? You can do this with Tropee.

Engage Your Audience with a Scavenger Hunt

If you want to spice up your marketing strategy, consider organizing a scavenger hunt using our ‘Submit a secret code’ or ‘Submit a one-time secret code’ actions. Here's how it works: hide secret codes on your website and social media, it could be on videos, visuals or hidden is weird areas of your website. This tactic isn’t just fun, but it also gets your audience engaged and exploring your products or services in a memorable way.

As they search for these secret codes, they'll share their experiences with friends and become your brand's biggest fans. You can even set up a series of rewards, where discovering one secret code unlocks the next, motivating users to take multiple actions.

Promote an Event Like a Boss

In today's market, getting noticed for your event is a big deal. Some of our clients have a trick up their sleeves: using instant rewards and giveaways to hype up their event, not just before but also during the big day. Check out these simple event reward ideas:

  • Give discounts for the event.
  • Hand out free passes to the event.
  • Partner up with sponsors for a cool giveaway.
  • Create an easter egg for visitors to visit each stand and get more chances to win a prize.

Look at NFT Paris, the biggest web3 event worldwide — they used Tropee to give out weekly rewards four months before their event. People talked about it, they got awesome sponsors, and guess what? They sold out their event in 2022.

Unlock Free Shipping

In the realm of marketing strategies, providing free shipping emerges as a top-tier move. While many average store owners leverage this tactic to gather emails, savvy Tropee customers take it a step further. They use instant rewards to offer free shipping to visitors who complete a set of actions like follow the brand on social media, share their phone number, answer a question, or visit a page. Smart right?

Unlock a Discount / Coupon

Ever visited an online store lately? You've probably spotted those pop-ups asking for your email in exchange for a discount on your first buy. It’s a great marketing hack to collect some key data from potential customers. But saavy marketers get more out of it.

Some Tropee customers use instant rewards to spice things up. They get users to do more than just share an email—like giving a follow on social media, dropping a phone number, or answering a question—all to unlock a discount code. Now, that's taking it to the next level!

coupon giveaway

Leverage Exclusive Content

Ever wonder why exclusive content is like a secret weapon in marketing? It's because it makes people feel extra special and super into your brand. Some Tropee users use instant rewards to give exclusive content to those who’ve completed the required number of actions. Check out these cool ideas:

  • Behind-the-scenes footage or sneak peeks
  • Exclusive tutorials or how-to guides
  • Insider tips and industry insights from experts.
  • VIP access to live events or webinars.
  • Virtual meet-and-greet sessions with influencers or brand ambassadors.

Distribute Free Samples

Think of it like this: free samples are like the sneak peek of the business world. People get a taste of what you're offering without committing to a full meal.

The problem? Redeeming free sample online usually lack excitement — just type in your name and email, and that's the drill. With Tropee, you can spice things up, create a fun rewarding experience for users, all while guiding them to complete actions that contribute to your business goals.

free sample giveaway

Promote Your Newsletter

Running a giveaway can be an insanely quick way to increase your newsletter subscribers. It beats most other methods; research from Unbounce shows that 700% more visitors subscribed to a newsletter when landing pages had a giveaway compared to those without.

The basic way to do it is to create a giveaway on Tropee using our ‘Submit and verify an email’ action. Still, some savvy Tropee users achieved huge results by layering it with our ‘Refer friends for extra entries’ action, encouraging participants to refer their friends to the giveaway for more entries.

Reward Product Hunt Adopters

Successfully launching your product on Product Hunt requires significant marketing efforts. Tropee provides unique actions that allow brands to reward users who discover and vote for their product on Product Hunt. We've seen some Tropee users create giveaways and send them to their email list on the day they launch on Product Hunt. This strategy results in a significant number of votes, helping them become 'Product of the Day.

product hunt giveaway

Extend your Reach with Collaborative Giveaways

Teaming up for a giveaway means partnering with two or more brands or people. Together, you plan and promote the giveaway to show off your brand and products to both your followers and your partner's. It's not just about reaching more people; joining forces with trusted brands makes your business look more reliable and attractive.

Reward a Web3 Community

In the wild world of web3, where things can get pretty wild, it's crucial for brands to stand out and leave a lasting impression. Smart Tropee users create rewards that help turn their web3 community into a growth engine using a mix of on-chain and off-chain actions. Exciting prizes that stir up communities include free NFTs, cryptocurrency, mystery boxes, or event tickets. For more ideas and insights into web3 giveaways, check out our guide with the best prize ideas for your next web3 giveaway.

For instance, SOL3MATES, a Web3-native sneaker label, hosts weekly giveaways to win super rare sneakers.

web3 giveaway

Gamify an NFT Allowlist

An NFT allowlist (also known as whitelist) is a list of wallet addresses collected that allow certain community members a guaranteed spot for minting (buying) a new NFT collection. This list ensures that everyone on it can buy a certain number of NFTs when they first come out. To make things more fun and exciting, some NFT creators use Tropee to set up a series of actions that users need to complete in order to get onto the allowlist. It's all about adding a fun twist and creating some buzz!

Grow With a Referral Campaign

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing strategies. Many businesses leverage our ‘Refer friends for extra entries‘ action to incentivize users who refer their friends.

A fantastic example of this is the campaign run by Lingo in November 2023. They gained over 800 new users by doing this, and all of a sudden, everyone knew about them in a really cool way.

referral giveaway

Score Rewards by Answering Right

Making a quiz reward is a cool marketing trick for a few reasons. Quizzes are fun and get people interested. When you ask questions about your brand, it helps people learn about your business without it feeling like a lecture. Some Tropee users use our ‘Submit the correct answer’ action to create quiz giveaways or instant reward. It means people can only complete the action when they provide the correct answer.


Tropee can boost your business in lots of ways. These growth hacks are easy, don't need much, and can bring in big results. Ready to give them a try and see your business get even better? Go for it and enjoy the ride!