20 of the best NFT utility ideas for 2023

Yes we know, we know, this is the 100th ‘predictions for the New Year’ article you’ve read this week. Some say the NFT industry is primed for huge growth. Others believe that the bear market will continue to deliver uncertainty in the year ahead. It’s pretty complex out there, and everyone’s got an opinion.

But have any of those articles given you practical tips on how to make your NFT collection a success in 2023? We bet they haven’t. Luckily the Tropee team is a bit different to most of the ‘thought-leaders’ out there - no marketing fluff or lofty predictions - just solid advice based on plenty of experience and expertise.

If you know us (if not, where have you been all our lives?), you’ll know that we think utilities are crucial to the success of the NFT industry. They turn ‘pretty pictures’ into enduring assets with long-term value. They keep communities sticky, engaged and loyal. They boost collections’ sales and floor price. What’s not to love?

You in? Good - us too. So, if utilities are the future, what are the top NFT utility projects you can leverage for your collection in the year ahead? 

Let’s find out.

1. Free merch

Who doesn’t love some free goodies? Why not deliver free merch to your communities and keep your holders feeling special. Check out Sunny B for inspo (an NFT collection created by Sony) - their cool t-shirts are exclusively available for members, and do a great job of promoting the brand too.

2. Physical products

Merch doesn’t have to be free, though. Some NFT creators are broadening their repertoire with physical goods which only holders can buy. Maybe you want to offer your holders the chance to buy a physical print of their NFT? Well, you can. Another creative example we've seen on Tropee is French car manufacturer Alpine giving away limited-edition signed by F1 drivers mini-helmets featuring the unique design of their “Let there be light by Alpine” NFT collection to some lucky holders.

3. Digital products

You might have heard of CloneX - an innovative brand who is harnessing NFT tech to create unique physical and 3D digital sneakers. They show us that sought after products don't just need to exist IRL - digital products (seriously these digital sneakers are super cool) can be compelling utilities too.

4. Video content

Give your community access to exclusive videos - from interviews and vlogs, to behind-the-scenes content and more. It’s a clever way to engage with your audiences and show them the story behind your brand. The ABC zombie heroes The Walking Dead did exactly this with its first NFT drop, offering holders the chance to see exclusive never-before-seen video footage from the show.

5. Exclusive audio

Visual content doesn’t always win the day - sometimes it’s what you hear that matters. Check out Tales from the Wild -  an inspirational creator which has been sharing exclusive chapters of its fantasy blockbuster to the community, every week via an audiobook. Brilliant stuff - it’s a surefire way to keep their communities coming back for more.

6. Allowlists

Collect data the web3 way and give your community early and guaranteed access to new releases. BAYC did this really well with its Mutant Ape collection - making loyal holders feel special and valued.

7. Access to exclusive Discord channels

Great communities work together. They get each other hyped up about a collection, they share ideas  - and even build new utilities for your collection. (Yes you heard right, with Tropee, your community can be suggesting and building utilities for you. Amazing right?). So why not facilitate collaboration by launching a private Discord channel open only to your holders?

8. Newsletters

Interested in giving your community the lowdown on what’s happening at your brand? Or more widely in the industry? Then a newsletter is THE utility for you. It doesn’t have to be long or complicated - short, snappy, insights are what’s needed to keep your community coming back for more. Want to learn more? Start by having a look at the Doodle community’s weekly digest.

9. IRL events

We couldn't give you utility tips without mentioning NFT legend Gary Vee. He’s a masterclass in utilities which keep his Vee Friends community loyal, engaged - and buying more tokens. Top of his utility list is Vee Con, an annual in-person convention which everyone wants to be at.

10. Online events

Don’t have the budget or resources for Gary Vee style conventions? No matter - you can engage your communities with online events. In fact, creators are using Tropee to deliver a ‘Metaverse event’ utility - delivering a mechanism for communities to hang out and share experiences.

11. Video shoutout

Sometimes simplicity is key. Show your communities some love with a message from the creator to make them feel special and valued. Or take it a step further and make like Cameo by offering a personalized message from a celebrity - perhaps to wish your most loyal community members happy birthday.

12. Badge of ownership

Allow your communities to get their hands on a digital that shows they’ve had a certain NFT for more than X months, or that they have more than X NFTs of the same collection. People love bragging rights - so give them what they want!

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14. Raffles

Do you feel lucky? Well, do you? Your communities certainly will if you give them the chance to win something. Raffles can be for anything - more tokens, merch, tickets - the choices are endless and your communities will love you for it.  

14. Voting rights

Not sure what you want to offer? Why not let your communities decide. You can let them vote on the utility you deliver next, or even elements of what your next drop includes. 

15. Private URLs

Use a Tropee template to share special access to a private link to members of your community. You can use this private web link to deliver messages from your brand, sneak peeks into what’s coming next, interviews with members of your team….all exclusively for your communities

16. PDFs

PDFs allow creators to take their assets offline. Clever creators deliver value by giving their communities access to PDF files - ebooks, presentations, QR codes…..the world’s your oyster with this utility.

17. Ask Me Anything (AMAs)

AMAs can be used as a way for creators to share information, promote their work, or simply engage with their communities in a more personal way. Gary Vee is the master of AMAs. We know…he keeps on coming up. But seriously, he’s the inspiration every creator needs.

18. Promo codes

Check out Robotos, a savvy creator on Tropee which is giving its communities promo codes for the super exclusive (and super popular) NFT Paris event.

19. IRL creator meeting

Supermodel Bella Hadid made headlines when she offered holders of her CY-B3LLA NFT collection the chance to meet her during her round-the-world trip. While you might not have a supermodel level following, your communities might well be keen to meet you at an event or conference. It shows you’re accessible and that you value your community. Important stuff.

20. Private feedback session

Want to reward members of your community AND get the chance to solicit feedback from power users? Why not offer a private feedback session to your most trusted and loyal holders. It’ll not only get your communities excited about what’s to come, it will also give you valuable pointers on where you should take your collection next.

Have we got you inspired yet?

We reckon you’ll be building utilities for your NFT collection before you’ve slept off your New Year party hangover and broken your first resolution. And the good news is, we’re here to help. Using Tropee, anyone can build utilities, for any collection, in just a couple of clicks.