7 NFT newsletters you need to subscribe to today

If you’ve been reading our blog, chances are you’re a bit of an NFT expert by now. From creating a great roadmap to top tips on harnessing utilities to give your NFTs real-world value, we’ve already covered the basics of how to mint a collection and build up a loyal base of holders for the long-term.

But - aside from our blog - where should you go to get your latest NFT news, and to stay on top of all the latest trends and developments in this fast moving industry? There are plenty of articles and newsletters out there - but are any of them really any good?

The great news is that we’ve done the research so you don’t have to - reading the most popular Web 3.0 newsletters and picking our favourites. We’ve had some help from our friends at Superfolks too, who have brought together the ultimate list of resources for anyone in web3 and NFT creation. Do check them out!

So without further ado, strap in for our recommendations of the best newsletters you need to read today. 

1. Get the latest news with NFT Drops

This one does what it says on the tin - updated weekly (or fortnightly on occasion), NFT Drops promises to keep you updated on the most exciting NFT collections that are minting right now. If you want to be the first to hear about something new or unique, then this is the newsletter for you. 

There’s a paid premium version and a free ‘base’ subscription - depending on the funds you have available and the level of detail you’re after. Subscribe here.

2. Be the smartest crypto investor with Milk Road

Want to know more about the hottest Web 3.0 trends, and get some top tips on where to invest your money? Milk Road covers updates and new launches from the brightest creators in the crypto space - and explains concepts pretty simply, so that you can feel like the smartest person in the room with very little effort.

Recognizing that readers don’t have much time to spend learning about this stuff, Milk Road summarizes trends quickly (and tells you how long you’ll need to spend reading each post). For example, last month, the newsletter broke down a 56-page report on the state of crypto into a snappy three-minute read. Great stuff. Subscribe here.

3. Read Bankless to get a simple explanation of complex subjects  

Did you like our ultimate Web 3.0 glossary - which simplified the most complex terms in the sector? If you did, then Bankless is for you. It’s the ultimate guide to DeFi, NFTs, Ethereum, and Bitcoin, blending money and tech insight to help you level up your open finance game. 

This one is a bit more in-depth than other newsletters out there, with plenty of opinion, as well as interviews with some of the industry’s hottest talent. There’s also video content to be had, alongside an accompanying podcast - so it’s perhaps no wonder that many people see Bankless as their ‘one-stop-shop’ for news and views.

Join 200,000+ others on the Bankless journey by subscribing here

4. Get daily updates with SuperNews

We all know that the NFT market moves fast, so for many, weekly or fortnightly newsletters simply aren’t frequent enough. If that sounds like you, then SuperNews | Revue (getrevue.co) might be what you’re looking for. Updated daily with bite-sized posts, SuperNews promises readers a first-look at the latest news and moves in the NFT space. 

Unlike some of the newsletters we feature here, there’s not much analysis to be had alongside the updates - so if expert commentary is your thing, then you might need to look further afield for your content.


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5. Inside Web3 - By Julian Ivaldy

Unlike BlastNews, Inside Web3 is all about the commentary. Created by Web 3.0 expert Julian Ivaldy, this newsletter is a personal journey into one man’s adventures and discoveries following the creation and development of his web3 businesses. Julian tells us that he’s partnered with +40 web3 entrepreneurs who will also share their secrets and strategies through the newsletter

A great feature of this newsletter is the ‘top five resources of the week’ - running down the tools and apps you need to succeed in the crypto space.

6. Quick updates with BlastNews

With more than 1,000 daily readers, BlastNews promises to keep you up to date with Crypto, Blockchain Tech, and NFTs in less than 5 minutes per day - perfect if you’re time poor but knowledge hungry.

Another great newsletter for people who want access to how-to guides and other resources, BlastNews promises that when you sign up, you'll receive a free ebook of the top crypto resources and exclusive access to its Telegram News Channel. Subscribe here.

7.  To The Moon – NFT Evening

'To The Moon’ NFT newsletter is the daily NFT newsletter from the top NFT news site, NFTevening. Aiming to make your NFT journey easier, 'To the Moon' delivers accessible and entertaining content Monday to Friday. Featuring the latest NFT news, the last 24 hours of NFT stats, an artist of the day, and a daily meme, it really covers everything you might need. The best part? All of this will take just 5 minutes of your day! Subscribe here.

Bonus: Discover the power of utilities with Tropee

We couldn’t write this list without giving ourselves a shout out, could we? At Tropee, our newsletter gives readers invaluable tips and tricks into how to build the best utilities RIGHT NOW. With Tropee, anyone can build utilities - you don’t even need a collection of your own. Amazing, right?

From NFTs that double up as event tickets to tokens that can be redeemed for physical goodies, Tropee’s newsletter brings you the newest innovations in the world of utility NFTs - and hopefully provides you with plenty of inspiration for you to get going, too. Subscribe today: Newsletter - Tropee

Add your recommendations to our list

So, there’s plenty to be getting on with - subscribe to our top newsletter picks and level-up your NFT and web3 expertise. But we’d love to hear your recommendations too. Have you read anything great that you’d like to share with us? Do you have your own newsletter you’d like us to promote too? Get in touch and share your experiences - and we promise to share the best.