How Ledger Used Tropee to Reward Their NFT Community

Ledger, the global platform for digital assets and web3, has found a nifty way to keep its online community engaged and growing by using Tropee.

If you're a bit into cryptocurrency, chances are you've heard of Ledger.

Founded in 2014, Ledger combines a hardware wallet: Nano S Plus or Nano X and the Ledger Live app to offer consumers the easiest way to start their crypto journey while maintaining full control over their digital assets. With more than 6 million units already sold in more than 180 countries, Ledger is one of the most respected player in the web3 space.

The Game Plan

When Ledger decided to use Tropee, their main goal was to reward their NFT community: Genesis Pass. The Genesis Pass, launched alongside Ledger Market, was a huge hit with 10,000 NFTs and 7,000 holders. Ledger was looking for a way to incentivize and reward this community of 7,000 holders with some fun experiences, without breaking the bank.

While rewarding the community was the main goal, Ledger also used Tropee to get the word out and attract new Discord users. In web3, Discord is where the community hangs out, so driving more people to Discord is a great marketing strategy.

With Tropee, you can easily run your own giveaways and rewards to achieve all your goals, whether you want to collect emails, drive more traffic, get referrals, boost your engagement on social media or gather feedback or testimonials etc.

In this case study we're going to show you how Ledger rewarded their community and increased awareness as well as followers running weekly giveaways. We'll even take you through how you can use this strategy to reward your web3 community, and achieve your web3 goals without breaking the bank.


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Making Tropee Work

In just a few months, Ledger created 16+ rewards with Tropee.

Here are some of the Tropees that Ledger has created:

Most of these rewards use actions related to web3, like rewarding people based on what's in their wallet, whether it’s NFTs or crypto coins, how long they've held them, or how much they have. On Tropee, you can pick from 14 actions to grow your web3 business:

Ledger main goal was to reward anyone who had a Genesis Pass NFT in their crypto wallet, so they mainly used our Own an NFT action that lets your reward people who have a specific NFT in their wallet.

You can also use the Token multiplier feature to increase the number of entries for every token owned by the participant, greatly enhancing their chances of winning and rewarding those who hold the most NFTs.

When people participate to the competition using the Own an NFT action, they are prompted to safely connect their web3 wallet using a list of wallet providers, so they can prove that they own the right NFT.

Once the ownership has been proven, each participant was entered in a draw to win a prize.

Picking Prizes

Prizes are vital for giveaways, sparking excitement and engagement. They serve as incentives for participation and help build a positive brand connection, fostering future interactions. Choosing the right prize is crucial—it should create buzz and fulfil expectations without falling short.

To get their 7,000 holders excited, and make sure to find rewards that the community was excited about, Ledger brainstormed with their community on prizes on their Discord channel, engaging the community in the whole reward process.

They came up with amazing prizes, like whitelist spots for partners projects like Sony Music or Molitor, event tickets, and special custom Ledger Nano devices that are super rare.

Spreading the Word

Advertising a giveaway is essential for its success. Without proper promotion, even the most enticing prizes may go unnoticed. Ledger mainly used Twitter and Discord to get the word out about their Tropee campaign. They used the Boost my Tropee feature to easily share their Tropee in the channels where the Genesis Pass community is mostly active.

Announcing the Winners

Telling everyone who won a giveaway is really important. It shows that the contest was fair and honest, which builds trust. It also gives the event a nice ending and makes the winners feel special.

To make things easy, Ledger let Tropee handle the winner announcement. Tropee automatically draws the competition when it ends, and automatically sends an email to all the winners.

Winners can easily claim their prizes by visiting the Tropee page the corresponding reward. To make the experience seemless, Ledger has personalized each reward with a 'thank you' message and questions. For instance, winners of a Ledger Nano X were asked for their delivery address and full name when they claimed their prize. This made it super easy for Ledger to follow up with the fulfilment of the prize and to ensure a smooth delivery process.

Additionally, Ledger also gathered winners' email addresses to touch base with them a few days later for follow-up and further communication.

The Results

We asked Ledger if they’re happy about the results and they were very please with the overall experience, the feedback from the community and the ROI of their Tropee campaigns.

Thousands of people took part and shared great feedback on Discord. As a bonus, Ledger also got a lot more attention and added thousands of new members to their Discord server in just a few days.

People in the community had positive things to say and wanted more. The campaign was a big success and made the community even happier and more excited about Ledger in the web3 world.