How Memester got his holders to create utilities with just $150

Looking for ways to bring more value to your NFT collection?

Web3 legend Memester leveraged community-led utilities to deliver a tonne of value to holders. And it just took a $150 prize to make it all happen - smart.

Let’s show you how it was done.

About Memester and his community

Memester Community is an open group of early Lens enthusiasts who support and grow the Lens ecosystem. They help teams in building applications on Lens by providing product feedback and support to content creators. They use memes as an expression of culture and Tropee utilities to create and maintain engagement.

Memester himself has created 10+ utilities for his community including a gated Telegram chat, meetups in the Metaverse, free subscriptions to Delphi Digital, Exclusible penthouses, and more. These utilities have been claimed 200+ times, bringing the Memester Community to the top 10 leaderboard on Tropee. Great, right?

Memester recently challenged his small but super-engaged community (of ~200 members) to build utilities for the collection, creating a ton of hype, loyalty and extra value for their NFTs.

How the challenge worked

In February, Memester launched his community challenge on Tropee. He asked people to create utilities for Memester holders via a post on Lens - the more claims a utility got, the higher it ranked on their leaderboard.

At the end of the competition, the top three utilities on the Memester leaderboard won a share of the $150 prize money. Others got smaller prizes for participating. With the chance to win some cash and get recognized for their work, it was a challenge that no creative-minded individual could resist.


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The challenge was a hit! 12 people participated and created 13 awesome utilities. From a VIP group for anime fans, to monthly magazines and even expert advice from a renowned VC fund, the utilities created were as varied as they were creative.  And it was a close competition until the very end - with holders battling to secure that leaderboard top-spot.

The Memester community saw a 150% increase in utilities created during the competition - that’s big stuff. The $150 prize money definitely motivated people, but it was also the thrill of competing and the desire to create something cool for the community which drove the innovative creators.

Memester's challenge shows how community-led utilities can add massive value to an NFT collection. A small prize can be an effective way to incentivize community members to showcase their talents and creativity - and build utilities that generate real value to holders. Community challenges can inspire friendly competition among community members and tap into their talents, making the collection more appealing to current holders and potential investors.

Memester himself told us: "Launching a community and getting early traction is relatively easy, but maintaining a high level of engagement over time is more complex. Tropee is the perfect tool for communities to engage as anyone can offer utilities to fellow community members. The next step for our community is to create inter-community engagement using Tropee. We will offer some of our utilities to members of other friendly communities and see what they have in store for us!"

Over to you

The Memester challenge is a great example of how a small prize can spark a frenzy of creativity and innovation among an NFT community. Anyone can create utilities for any collection with Tropee, and community challenges can elevate the value of the collection and make it more appealing to current holders and potential investors.

Want to learn more about community challenges and how you can run your own to incentivize your holders and build an engaged, loyal community? Check out our comprehensive guide here and for even more inspo on how utilities can deliver huge benefits to communities, check out our NFT Paris case study here.