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How to use Tropee to give out merch to your holders

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock these past two years, it would be hard to ignore the excitement that has surrounded NFTs, and their wildly exciting value-propositions.

What’s more, given how the NFT market is projected to reach $231 billion in value by 2030, the space is in for an exciting next few years.

But as is often the case with most nascent industries, projects are consequently having to come up with innovative ways in which to maintain support and engagement within their communities, and adding utilities to NFT collections has since become the go-to approach for increasing brand equity, long-term engagement, and loyalty.

One utility that deserves a special mention is the distribution of merchandise to holders, which besides having been proven to increase customer satisfaction and retention, also serves to bridge the gap between the physical and digital - opening up a whole new world of possibilities.

But distributing merchandise is no easy feat, and given how communities can consist of thousands of members, the current go-to community platforms (Discord and Twitter) simply aren’t capable of doing this in a seamless manner.

Enter Tropee. With just a few clicks, you can now give out merchandise to your NFT holders, and in seconds! 

Before we show you how, let’s first take a look at how NFT projects can benefit from giving out merchandise to their holders.

The power of merchandise

Whilst the world of NFTs is a realm of its own, there are still important marketing tools that can be taken from the mainstream world, and merchandising is one of them.

At the heart of many a sales and marketing effort lies a strong emphasis on customer loyalty, and brands that are able to carry this out successfully do so by paying special attention to the concerns and well-being of their customers.

Why is this important? Besides the fact that customer loyalty programs can lead to an increase in sales and revenue, familiarity and affinity for a brand ensures stability and retention - the cornerstone of every business. Without this, growth is just temporary, meaning that a business cannot function on any meaningful level.

Therefore, creating engaging and authentic experiences that makes consumers feel valued and part of something, not only is nice to have, but indispensable.

How can this be applied to NFTs?  

Much like with mainstream brands, NFT projects also rely upon creating authentic experiences that resonate with their communities, and given frequent market volatility, conducting loyalty initiatives for holders is arguably even more important.

One way to foster a lasting and loyal relationship with community members is through the distribution of project-related merchandise, which apart from being a nice show of appreciation, also bridges the gap between the physical and the digital, and this in-turn brings about an array of different benefits for holders.

Firstly, as is normally the case with sought-after fashion apparel, distributing project-related merchandise to holders can create an additional layer of exclusivity on top of their NFT. Seeing how the ownership of fashion apparel is often driven by a desire to own something that is unique and desirable, receiving exclusive merchandise can allow community members to flex their affiliation, whilst simultaneously creating a real sense of belonging. 

Project-related merchandise also has the potential to open the door to the rapidly evolving  phygital market, which revolves around merging online assets with physical assets, and vice versa. This not only can bring about new financial rewards for holders, but can also open up a whole new revenue stream for NFT projects themselves. 

Suffice to say, gone are the days where NFT communities could flourish on nothing more than hype and speculation, and even the most prominent of projects cannot survive without instilling trust and loyalty using utilities such as merchandise. 

The good news is that with Tropee, you can now distribute merchandise to your community in the most seamless way possible.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how you can do this.

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Tropee - merchandise made easy

With Tropee, anyone can easily use the platform to distribute merchandise to community members, and at scale. All you will need is a contract address.

Getting started

To get started, go to Tropee’s official creator page, and simply select “Connect wallet”. You will then be given options that include Metamask, WalletConnect, Coinbase, Torus, and Unstoppable Domains.

Once you've been forwarded to your dashboard page, click "Create a utility campaign”. 

You will then need to input your contract address into the following box, as well as choosing which chain your collection is deployed to.

Select utility

The next step is to click on your recently added collection, which will then take you to the “Select utility” page. Here is where you can obtain pre-made utility templates.

To start allocating merchandise to your community, choose the “Merch” template from the list of available options.

Customize utility

The next step is customizing your utility. 

In this section you can add information about your campaign, including a title, description, some images of the merchandise you'll be giving away, and an expiration date to determine how long the campaign will last.

You can also add custom fields, such as the various sizes and colors in which the merchandise is available. Simply fill out the fields with your brand's merchandise, then click "Create utility."

Campaign targeting

Last but not least is campaign targeting.

Here is where you can customize the terms and conditions you want your holders to abide by when giving out merchandise. 

For example, you can select holders who have an NFT with specific properties, those with a certain amount of NFTs, or those who have held your NFTs for a certain amount of time. What’s more, if you already have a predefined list, you can simply import a CSV file.

Once your conditions are set, simply click the "Create campaign" button, and you will then receive a URL which you can distribute amongst your community.

You are now set!

And with just a few clicks, your NFT project can now enjoy all the benefits that merchandise has to offer.

Say goodbye to manually distributing utilities using Discord and Twitter, and welcome to the easiest and most capable NFT utility platform you’ll ever use. Enjoy!