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How Tropee simplifies creating NFT utilities

We love utilities. And I mean looove them. You only have to take a look at our Twitter feed to get it.

As a creator, they might still be growing on you, probably because creating them has been a bit of a pain in recent years. Managing them manually has been the only way to go so far. It’s kinda hard to get too excited about campaigns going that route.

Our mission is to inspire creatives to take action and put tangible value into their NFTs without having to fuss around logistics. With the right platform (hello!), creators get to uncover ideas they may not even have thought possible. 

Here’s how Tropee simplifies the process of creating utilities.

Frictionless UX

Utilities have traditionally been known for being messy and complex to pull off. Our goal is to create a frictionless experience right from the moment you import your NFT collection to the platform.

It’s really as simple as linking your smart contract address after signup and BAM, it’s done. You’re looking at two clicks total, for reals.

From there building utilities related to specific NFTs is easy-peasy. We offer 10 different templates to work from for now, with additional options in the works too.

You won’t have to conform exactly to these templates - they are highly customisable, so it’s easy to tweak the fields and shape them based on getting the most value out of your specific utilities. We understand that every creator wants to tell their own story after all.

The end result is a beautiful utility portal (aka the landing page) where your wonderful community can view and claim utilities. Share this to the right segments through your primary promotional (social) channels and you’re in business!

Here is a short video walk though of Tropee's platform:

No coding required

Managing utilities on your own can be messy and complex. It might even need you to hone some coding skills or contract someone in to help ($$$).

Tropee is the first no-code utilities platform on the market. We’re talking totally codeless, y’all. This means you get to build NFT utilities in the matter of minutes, without having to fork out for dev support for those slightly technical ideas for campaigns.

Speaking of technical: in terms of better management of the utilities once they’ve launched, you have access to a central dashboard to monitor activity from on our platform. Real-time claims data gives you an updated overview of who is claiming what as and when it happens.

This data is easy to export as a CSV, and can then be imported into your existing tech stack (i.e. Shopify, Eventrbrite etc.) to fulfil a merch order or issue tickets. It can also be analyzed along with other metrics from social platforms, in order to better segment your audience and make improvements with every new utility.

Ready to boost your NFTs with utilities?

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Extensive support

Right from when you first sign up, you’ll have access to extensive support to show you the ropes. A short instructional video unlocks when you first enter the creator dashboard, showing step-by-step how to build your first utility campaign.

We don’t like the idea of people getting lost on the platform. You’ll receive an email from a member of our team shortly after signing up offering a 15 minute support call if you need any extra assistance. You literally just click a link on the email and set a day and time on Calendly and it’s scheduled.

Within the platform, our live chat feature is available too. The service is available most hours of the day. Users can use it for hands-on support as you work on your campaign(s), as well as to work through any technical queries they might have. Don’t be shy! There are no wrong questions, after all. We want you to feel confident with every utility you create.

It’s perfectly fine to sign-up to Tropee once you’ve minted your collection, of course. You also have the opportunity to do it before as well, in order to test the platform with Tropee’s demo NFT collection. That way, you can wrap your head around it before launch (not that there’s much to wrap your head around, to be honest), which allows you to go into launch with superhero-level confidence.

Inspiration for days

Although you probably have great ideas for utilities already, it can’t hurt to get some added inspiration from as many sources as possible.

Learning from creators who have been successful in the space so far, or discovering new types of utilities you haven’t even considered will get those creative juices flowing for sure.

Our social media feeds are packed with quirky tips, industry updates and educational resources to keep you in the know.

The Tropee Discord channel is the place to be for community engagement, product updates and sharing new ideas. It also pulls all our Tweets into a specific channel, so you can enjoy our quirkiness even if Twitter isn’t for you.

We keep the party going on LinkedIn too. If you’d like some NFT industry related advice, follow our co-founders and team members there. François likes to pose head scratching questions to followers regularly, and we’re sure he’d love to hear your thoughts on his musings.

The Tropee Blog (where you’re reading this very article) quite literally covers the things you need to get started to create great utilities.

It’s also there to offer inspiration to creatives in a bit of a rut. If you’re a first-timer in the NFT utilities space, we get right down to the nitty-gritty too (we’re talking the very basics, basics). Keep an eye on new posts to keep learning more.

Simplifying utilities for all creators

It’s official, then! Manually managed utilities (many of which end up dead on arrival) are a thing of the past.

We’re in the business of making it as simple as possible to launch utilities that create true value for NFT holders and the creators. But not just any ol’ utilities, okay? Exciting, thoughtful ones.

The proof is in the pudding. Give the Tropee platform a go by signing up and launching your first campaign today. We can’t wait to see what you come up with.