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Tropee unveils new Community-Led Utilities

This is a short FAQ conversation with co-founder and CEO of Tropee, François Mahl.

Meet François Mahl, the co-founder of Tropee, the revolutionary marketplace that empowers anyone to discover, collect and create utilities for NFTs, regardless of whether they have collections themselves, are holders, or just enthusiasts (we see you, super-fans 🙌).

With the goal of promoting a sustainable NFT market, François and his team are dedicated to facilitating a vibrant and thriving ecosystem of great people building great NFT utilities that benefits everyone involved.

So - let’s get started. Hope you’re ready to be blown away, as we dive into the mind of François and uncover the future of Community-Led Utilities with Tropee.

Tropee Blog: Hey François - thanks for chatting with us about Tropee’s Community-Led Utilities feature. Can you break it down for us?

François Mahl: Definitely. Tropee is the ultimate marketplace for anyone looking to flex their creativity with NFTs. It doesn't matter if you've got your own NFT collection, you’re a holder, or just a keen observer, we're giving everyone the chance to collect and create utilities.

TB: Collect AND create? So you’re not just about building utilities?

FM: Exactly. Collecting utility NFTs is a big part of the Tropee experience. But, ofc, we’re also giving users the ability to build their own utility NFTs. 

We believe that the combination of being able to collect, discover AND build will drive innovation and adoption in the NFT space, and make Tropee the go-to destination for anyone looking to get involved in the world of NFTs. Great, right?

TB: Yes! So you believe that the market’s success lies in making NFTs do more than just sit in a wallet. What are the main challenges you see the NFT market facing right now, and how do you think community-led utilities can step in?

FM: The biggest issue has always been that the majority of NFTs are one-trick ponies. They're being made and sold as a speculative investment, but there's not much else you can do with them. With Community-Led Utilities, we're giving people the power to add value and utility to NFTs beyond just flipping them for profit. It's about leveling up the game for everyone.

TB: Can you give us an example of a utility that someone might build on Tropee?

FM: Sure thing. One example that a collection creator could embark on would be a utility that gives NFT holders a discount on event tickets or IRL meet and greets with creators. Check out the work we did with NFT Paris for more on how this has worked in practice.

Another example we're excited about is the ability for anyone (not just creators) to deliver exclusive merch or special events to particular communities. Say you’re an artist and you wanna showcase your work. You could offer exclusive digital downloads of your art to an existing NFT community. 

You benefit (people see your stuff), the community benefits (they get their hands on your work) and the creator benefits too (people buy more tokens to get their hands on the utility).

TB: That's amazing. So what kind of resources and tools are you providing to help people build these utilities?

FM: We've got everything you need to get started. We’ve got 50+ fully customisable templates so you can create utilities in literally a few clicks. We've also got loads of how-to-guides on our blog. And we've got a great community of users who are always down to help out and share knowledge. Basically, we’re all about making it as accessible as possible for anyone to get in on the NFT utility game.

TB: Nice. So what's next for Tropee and Community-Led Utilities?

FM: Honestly, the sky's the limit. We see Tropee becoming the go-to destination for anyone looking to discover, collect or build utilities for NFTs. We want to create a thriving ecosystem of NFT utilities that benefits everyone involved. It's all about pushing the boundaries of what NFTs can do and making them more than just a one-dimensional investment.

TB: Awesome. Thanks for coming through and shedding some light on this, François. If you liked this interview and want to get in on the action, go to www.tropee.com

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