We've raised a €5 million seed round to revolutionize NFT utilities. Read the full announcement here.

Tropee raised €5M: The story till now and the way forward

This is a short FAQ conversation with co-founder and CEO of Tropee, François Mahl.

As Tropee raises €5M, co-founder François Mahl tells us why the NFT utility platform is set to change the world.

It’s an exciting time to work at web3 start-up Tropee right now. Not only has our NFT utilities platform gone live for users in public beta, we’ve just announced €5M round of seed funding.

The Seed round was led by Tioga Capital, with participation from several industry veterans including Lorens Huculak (Gem), Thibault Launay (Exclusible), and Sébastien Borget (The Sandbox) amongst others. And it’s going to propel Tropee into the big league - helping us to build the most innovative technology and find the most talented people to work with.

OK let’s get straight to it - why did you set up Tropee?

When we started looking at NFTs, we heard they were useless. Everyone told us that NFTs were just JPEGs and that their shelf-life was pretty limited.

Most people might have backed away from the market at that point, but we saw the potential to change the status quo. We wanted to fight against the ‘useless NFT’, and make something more valuable to help revolutionize this market. 

And so Tropee was born?

That’s right. Tropee was founded with a clear mission - to make NFTs ‘more than just a JPEG’ and to secure the future of the market. 

We believe that utilities are the crucial piece of turning this industry with a limited lifespan into something more enduring.  And, with Tropee, anyone in the NFT community can quickly and easily discover, build and collect utility NFTs.

And the good news is that some of the world’s biggest brands, including Frederique Constant, 20 Mint, NFT Paris, Rug Radio, G-Star RAW or Christian Lacroix are already using Tropee to build and deliver utilities to their NFT holders. 

Right, we’re in. So tell us more about what types of utilities NFT creators can build with Tropee

Broadly speaking, NFT utilities can be split into two categories - physical and digital. Digital utilities exist to bring the holder into the online world of the creators, while physical utilities bring real-life benefits like merch or events into the hands of NFT holders. 

We offer a range of utilities - from merch and real life events, to whitelists, exclusive airdrops, videos and gated links. And this is just the beginning, we’re continually working on new ways for creators to keep delivering value.

Congratulations on the funding - what are you planning to do with the money

It’s great that investors have seen the huge potential of a platform like Tropee, and that’s not just good news for individual creators, but the NFT industry as a whole. It’s our mission to make the NFT market successful for the long term - and utilities are a crucial piece of making this happen.

We’re laser focused on product development - and we will be using the funds to continue building the very best solutions for our community of creators and holders. And the great news is we’re hiring -  engaging with the most talented people in the industry to build on our good work!

All this means that Tropee will develop further - we will be able to empower creators to build more and different utilities, on different blockchains, and deliver more and more value to their communities. 

That’s brilliant - so tell us how people can get involved?

We built Tropee together with our community - based on what creators and holders want - and that doesn’t stop now we’ve launched. Tell us what you’re loving about the platform, and what you want to see from us next. We want to build with you the foundations for a community where anyone can discover, build and collect utility NFTs.

Together, let’s build a world where NFTs are much more than just "pretty" pictures.

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