A quest for value.

At Tropee, we love to hear about the delight, the frustration, the aha moments, the uncertainty that Shopify merchants endure. It allows us to test, iterate, repeat — with the ultimate goal to create a great product.

Making data make sense.

We created Tropee to be the extra set of eyes you've always dreamed of, the virtual employee that digs into your data to show you what needs your attention, why it matters, and how you can grow better.

Our vision.

"We make it easy for anyone to make better business decisions, and act on them."

They inspire us.

There is no "self made success".
We are super lucky to be surrounded by people that challenge our vision and help us iterate our product — among them we have...

Louis Marty

Cofounder Merci Handy

Inspiring us to:

When he's not disrupting the cosmetics industry with Merci Handy, Louis loves to share his Shopify expertise with us. He knows everything about it!

Coline Delmas

Cofounder Le French Biscuit

Inspiring us to:

Coline's dream is to spend less time dealing with data and more time creating amazing products. Let's make it happen!

Nicolas Morschl

Founder Bonsoirs

Inspiring us to:

When he's not busy helping thousands of people sleep better, Nicolas challenges us on all digital marketing related topics. You rock!

Marie Reveilhac

Cofounder Dans Ma Culotte

Inspiring us to:

Marie loves tech, data and ecommerce. No wonder we enjoy having her around when we need a fresh pair of eyes on these subjects. Thanks Marie!

Thomas Hervet

Founder Wopilo

Inspiring us to:

Thomas believes that success can be reached through better data-driven decisions. His experience with data is very valuable to our development.

Casilde Bonnefoy

Ecommerce manager Hircus

Inspiring us to:

Casilde challenges us to create a product that integrates well with merchants busy lifestyles & makes their life easier. You’re amazing!

Meet the Pirates.

Guillaume Lestrade

Guillaume cofounded Meero & Leeto. He is also an active business angel as well as a Rubik's cubes fanatic.

Pierre Josseaux

Half product enthusiast, half Parisian runner. In his past life, Pierre cofounded & sold, Speaken.

François Mahl

Hip-hop aficionado & ecommerce lover. François was previously leading growth at MOO and Kiute.

Patrick McCurley

Mister “let’s make it happen”. Besides being crazy about data & tech, Patrick is also a really good kitesurfer.