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Make your Tropee match your branding with a photo, a title, and a description.
Keep everyone informed about the key milestones of your reward with an easy-to-follow schedule.
Loved by thousands of users, our widget is designed for ease of use and conversion.

Amazing rewards, endless possibilities

Give users a discount code as an incentive for completing all the actions.
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Secret link
Share a hidden link exclusively with users who complete all the required actions.
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Allowlist spots
Offer allowlist spots to users who successfully complete all the actions.
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Exclusive content
Reward users who complete all actions with exclusive content like music, videos, or files.
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HOW TO claim

Pick actions that help you reach your goals

Decide what actions users need to complete in order to claim their rewards. Depending on your goals, you can choose from a list of 50+ actions like submitting an email, checking a page, giving feedback, helping on social media, and much more.


Customize each reward just the way you want

Tailor each reward to your liking. You can add a confirmation message, a video, a link to a webpage, reveal a code, embed a Calendly, and collect important information by asking questions.


Set up your rewards, and don’t worry about them again

Instant rewards are made to help you save time. Just set up your rewards, and watch the magic unfold. Users can simply claim their rewards after they’ve completed the actions you’ve specified.


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