11 simple tips to promote your giveaways

You may have caught wind of our previous blog post where we spilled the beans on choosing jaw-dropping prizes for your giveaways. Now, it's time to take center stage and turn up the heat on your giveaway promotions. 

Picture this: a buzzing community, eager participants, and your brand stealing the spotlight. Good, right? Well, we're here to unleash the magic and share 11 fantastic tips to promote your giveaways like a pro

Buckle up, because we're about to dive into a world of engagement!

1. Email everyone

Let's start with a classic move that still packs a punch. Whip out your virtual pen and fire up those emails. Reach out to your loyal followers and fans, giving them the VIP treatment by sharing the thrilling news about your giveaway. Craft a personalized message that makes them feel special, teasing the incredible prizes and creating a sense of urgency.

It's like whispering a secret that they can't wait to share with others.

GET GOING! Check out platforms like Mailchimp which make mass emailing a breeze.

Need a template? We got you - here's a template that works all the time:

Subject: We have a surprise for you!

Hey [subscriber's name],
Exciting news! We're hosting an exclusive giveaway that you won't want to miss.
🎁 Prize: A rare and highly sought-after [prize].
⏰ Deadline: Enter by [date] for your chance to win.
Stay tuned! The winner will be randomly selected and announced on [date].
To enter the giveaway, just click here [enter giveaway URL].
Good luck!

2. Level up with Linktree and your social media bios

Give your giveaway the royal treatment by making it a star attraction on your Linktree or including the giveaway link in your social media bios. It's all about convenience and accessibility. When your followers and curious onlookers stumble upon your profiles, they'll be greeted by a neon sign pointing them straight to the giveaway of a lifetime. Get ready for the floodgates to open!

GET GOING! Add "Enter our latest giveaway to win [prize] 🎁 👉 [enter giveaway URL]" to your bio

3. Write a super-cool blog post

Get your creative juices flowing and transport readers into your world with a captivating blog post. Whether it's on your own blog or Medium, spill the beans on the story behind your giveaway. Paint a vivid picture, accompanied by cool visuals that leave readers craving more.

GET GOING! You can also this article to your email and post it on social media to let people know about your giveaway.

4. Create a social media sequence

One post? That's cute.

Now take things up a notch and create a sequence of social media posts that keep your followers on the edge of their seats. Utilize platforms like Discord, Twitter, Telegram, and more to share teasers, countdowns, and sneak peeks leading up to the grand giveaway reveal.

It's like an interactive rollercoaster ride, thrilling participants every step of the way.

GET GOING! Remember to post regularly - think every two days - encouraging your community to share the giveaways  - and asking for feedback too.

5. Use this viral announcement template

Take Twitter by storm with an announcement template that packs a punch. Craft a tweet that's impossible to resist sharing. Make it snappy, catchy, and full of excitement. Encourage your followers to spread the word and watch as the tweet goes viral, lighting up timelines everywhere.

GET GOING! Use this template for announcing your giveaways on Twitter:

Get ready for an epic giveaway extravaganza! 🎉 ✨
We're thrilled to announce our latest giveaway where you can win [prize].

To enter:
🔥 Follow [enter your twitter account]
🔥 Like, RT & tag 3 friends
🔥 Complete the actions here ⬇️
[enter giveaway URL]

⌛️ Ends [date of draw]

#giveaway | #win | #raffle

6. Time it just right

Timing is everything. So, experiment with different posting times to find the golden hour when your target audience is most active. Play around with time zones and observe the engagement patterns. Once you've cracked the code, get ready to make a grand entrance at precisely the right moment.

Need more? For giveaways, consider the following general recommendations:

Twitter: Weekdays between 2 PM and 4 PM, with peak engagement on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Instagram: Weekdays between 12 PM and 2 PM, with peak engagement during evenings and weekends.

Discord: Weekdays between 4 PM and 8 PM.

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7. Power up with hashtags

Ah, hashtags, the secret sauce of the digital realm.

Dive deep into hashtag research and sprinkle your posts with relevant and trending tags. Open the floodgates to a sea of participants searching for giveaways and related content. It's like unlocking a treasure chest and inviting the treasure hunters to flock to your giveaway.

GET GOING! Here are the best hashtags that bring people to your door:

#giveaways #giveaway #giveawaycontest #giveawaytime #win #crypto #airdrop #win #raffle #contest #competition #sweepstakes #prize #free #raffles #freegiveaway

8. Create an eye-catching ad

Want to make heads turn and jaws drop?

Invest in eye-catching visual ads that leave everyone spellbound. Design graphics that capture the essence of your giveaway, highlighting the incredible prizes and creating a sense of urgency. It's like unveiling a dazzling masterpiece that demands attention and gets hearts racing.

GET GOING! Kick off by working out what platforms you think will resonate best with your audience - TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Reddit or more. You can also try platforms like AdCreative or PlayPlay to create eye-catching visuals easily.

9. Feature it on your website

Your website is your kingdom, and your giveaway should reign supreme. Give it the royal treatment it deserves by featuring the giveaway prominently on your website. Create a dedicated landing page or a flashy banner that entices visitors to join the fun. It's like rolling out the red carpet and inviting them to step into a world of enchantment.

GET GOING! Consider using sticky banners like and exit popups to advertise your promote on your website.

10. Reach out to influencers & bloggers

Collaborate with influencers and bloggers to spread the word about your giveaway, leveraging their reach and credibility. It's like assembling a dream team of ambassadors who are eager to share their excitement and bring new participants into the fold.

11. Promote on giveaway directory like Reddit

Reddit is THE forum for contest promotion, and you’re gonna wanna get involved. It’s a bit of a maze though - with soooo many subreddits to trawl through before you even decide which one to jump on. So we’ve done the hard work for you - and discovered the best subreddits for contest promotion. Here we go:

Sweepstakes – Post direct links to your current giveaways

Giveaways – Submit personal links or links to other contests in this subreddit

Contest – A subreddit that loves links to any type of contest

Freebies – Somewhere to share all your free stuff with others

GET GOING! Check out this super cool list of directories you might want to jump on.  

It's a wrap

So, there you have it - now it's time to work your magic and set the stage for a giveaway that will leave everyone spellbound. Use these 10 tips to light the fire, spark the excitement, and draw in tons of growth for your brand. And don’t forget to jump on Tropee, the only Web3 platform that’ll have you creating incredible giveaways in minutes.