NFT memberships: the complete guide for brands

Picture yourself as a die-hard gamer, totally obsessed with your favorite brand. You're all about their products, the tight-knit community and those sweet exclusive perks they deliver to their most devoted fans. But let's be real – their old-school membership programs, with those annoying physical cards or never-ending online registration forms, are a total buzzkill.

Now, imagine a world where these brands ditch the outdated stuff and take memberships to the next level with NFTs. No more clunky cards, no more tedious sign-ups – just a seamless, safe way to connect with your favorite brand and enjoy all the exclusive perks you've come to love. Get ready for a whole new world of membership experiences that are more compelling, more accessible and way cooler than ever before.

But NFT memberships offer more than just perks for fans. They also create new revenue streams for brands, as well as boosting loyalty and engagement in a big way. And by leveraging the power of blockchain, brands can reduce fraud and streamline the membership experience for their customers. Win-win.

Are you in? We thought so. So, buckle up, because we're going to show you exactly how to get started with NFT memberships and take your brand loyalty to new heights.

What are NFT memberships?

At Tropee, we know that the future of NFTs is rooted in their utility. In fact, that's the whole reason we exist – to transform NFTs from digital collectibles into something more exciting, valuable and long-lasting. And NFT memberships are the perfect extension of this idea.

Memberships offer brands the chance to create engaging online communities that bring together their most dedicated fans, offering them a world of online and real-life perks and utilities, like access to exclusive content, events, promotions – and loads more.

So, by harnessing the potential of NFT memberships, brands can not only enhance the overall value of their NFT offerings but also build stronger relationships with their communities. It creates a thriving ecosystem where loyalty and engagement are rewarded, further cementing the long-term potential and utility of NFTs in the digital world. No exaggeration - we think it’s the future of the industry.

Why use NFTs for memberships?

There are several reasons why brands are hopping on the NFT train for memberships, and here's the lowdown:

No more fakes: Traditional membership cards can be easily copied or stolen, letting people who shouldn't have the perks, well, enjoy them. But with NFTs on a blockchain, counterfeiting is a no-go. Anyone can check out the NFT's authenticity and ownership history on the blockchain.

Next-level experience: NFT-based memberships allow brands to deliver a bunch of cool online and offline utilities, like getting into exclusive events, discount codes, behind-the-scenes content, limited-edition physical goodies and even voting rights.

Cash in: NFT-based memberships open up new ways for businesses to make money by giving creators ongoing royalties. If someone with a membership token decides to sell it on another marketplace, the creator could also get a cut of the resale value.

How are NFT memberships being used?

So, NFT memberships are seriously shaking things up by offering holders all kinds of awesome perks and connecting organizations with their communities to build deeper relationships. Need inspo? Check out these examples of how brands are crushing it with NFT memberships:

1. Buckle up for airBaltic’s limited collector NFTs

airBaltic, the innovative Latvian airline, is taking the aviation industry to new heights by becoming the world's first airline to issue NFTs. Members get a unique limited collector NFT that showcases an individual Airbus A220-300 with its registration, along with a stunning piece of art featuring one of Latvia's most beloved cities. 

But there’s more. As a member of airBaltic, not only do you get a one-of-a-kind NFT (which you voted for btw - each Latvian city feature was chosen by members), but you also get to be part of a groundbreaking initiative that promotes tourism and showcases the beauty of Latvia to the world. And this is just the beginning - airBaltic plans to expand the use of NFTs beyond digital art transactions, including unique one-time pieces like airline tickets and even tickets for concerts.

2. Stoner Cats - bringing authenticity to a new level

Stoner Cats is an animated series by Mila Kunis that's got a cool twist: the only way to watch the show is by getting an NFT membership. To unlock the gated content and other exclusive benefits, you have to buy the show’s token and verify the authenticity of your purchase.

But the Stoner Cats NFT membership goes beyond just watching the show. It also grants access to exclusive merchandise, meet-and-greets with the creators, and other perks that regular viewers can't touch. Stoner Cats has shown how NFTs can create a new type of membership program that offers more than just access to content.

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3. Nike CryptoKicks - unique fashion must-haves

Nike has jumped on the NFT bandwagon with CryptoKicks, a line of digital sneakers. But these aren’t just any digital sneakers - they come with an NFT membership that grants holders access to a unique virtual experience in the brand’s metaverse store and exclusive product drops in the future.

CryptoKicks also comes with additional benefits, like the ability to customize your avatar with Nike clothing and accessories. And if you’re lucky enough to own a CryptoKicks NFT, you might be invited to exclusive Nike events and experiences.

4. Proof Collective - proof yourself worthy

Proof Collective is the ultimate private members-only collective for the top 1,000 dedicated NFT collectors and artists. To gain access to this exclusive world of NFTs, you must hold the coveted PROOF Collective NFT - a rare and valuable digital asset that serves as a badge of honor and entry ticket to the most passionate and knowledgeable members of the NFT community.

But that's not all - as a member of Proof Collective, you'll have access to a community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for NFTs, exclusive benefits, and the opportunity to participate in unique NFT projects. Grails Season II is the latest offering from Proof Collective, and to mint it, you'll need to hold a Grails Season II Mint Pass, which is obtained through a lottery system. As a member of the Proof Collective, you'll have a higher chance of winning and be automatically entered into the lottery. Good stuff right?

5. Step Into the Metaverse with Adidas Originals

Adidas Originals, the legendary German sportswear company, teamed up with NFT pioneers Bored Ape Yacht Club, gmoney and the team behind PUNKS comic, to launch its popular membership-led NFT collection. The ‘Into the Metaverse’ collection sold out in 2021, and the team are now onto phase two. And there's more - owners of these NFTs will receive exclusive access to various Adidas Originals experiences and products. 

These NFTs serve as an access pass to in-virtual land experiences, including virtual wearables for the blockchain-based gaming world, The Sandbox. But that's not all - owners will also receive free collaborative merchandise,  including a hoodie, tracksuit, and gmoney's iconic orange beanie. And for those who are passionate about the Metaverse community, adidas has even purchased a Bored Ape NFT named Indigo Hertz to show their commitment.

Best tools for NFT memberships 

Okay, okay, we know what you're thinking. "Of course, they're going to recommend their own tech." But hear us out - Tropee really is the best tool out there for creating and managing NFT memberships, and here’s why.

We empower anyone in the web3 community to discover, collect and create utility NFTs. From physical merch, to whitelists, AMAs, events and promo codes, with Tropee the world is pretty much your oyster. And, whether you’re using our fully customizable templates or starting from scratch, you can build the utilities you need to power your NFT membership program in a matter of minutes.

Creators like G-Star RAW, Lacoste, Robotos and Humankind are already aboard the Tropee bandwagon, ensuring their collection holds its value and that their tokens are more than ‘Just JPEGs’. They’re delivering must-have utilities to loyal holders, and they’re building communities who talk to them, talk to each other, interact together and keep their collections relevant and successful. 

Over to you – jump on the NFT membership train

So, NFT memberships are a game-changer for brands looking to connect with their communities on a deeper level. By granting exclusive access and perks, NFT memberships can create a sense of loyalty and excitement that traditional membership programs can’t match. And with the added benefits of reduced fraud and additional revenue streams, it’s no wonder that more and more brands are exploring NFT memberships.

Have we convinced  you? We bet we have. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to level up your membership program with NFTs. Jump on Tropee now and get started.