7 ways to quickly and easily grow your Discord community

Are you a brand or a creator looking to build a vibrant and engaged community? Well, look no further than Discord! Discord is an incredible communication platform that allows you to connect with your fans, collaborate with fellow artists, and cultivate a thriving community. 

We think that Discord is the perfect space for creators to interact with your fans, share updates, and foster a sense of belonging. It combines the best features of messaging apps, voice chats, and community forums, making it an ideal platform to build an engaged community. Good, right?

So, whether you're new to Discord or already have a server, we've got you covered with seven exciting strategies to rapidly grow your Discord community and take your community to the next level! And there are some do’s and don’ts too to make sure you’re navigating any potential pitfalls. 

Ready? Let’s go.

1. Set up your server correctly

OK, let’s start at the beginning. To create an inviting and organized space for your community, get going by setting up your Discord server correctly. Why not utilize handy bots like Mee6 to automate tasks such as welcoming new members, assigning roles, and even creating custom commands. And, by adding channels that cater to different aspects of your journey, such as suggestions, updates, and general discussions, you'll create a hub that encourages engagement and collaboration among your fans.

2. Be active

As a brand or a creator, your presence and engagement are crucial to cultivating an active and thriving community. So, get going by joining conversations, sharing your thoughts, and initiating discussions within your Discord server. By actively participating and showing genuine interest in your fans' feedback and ideas, you'll foster a sense of belonging and encourage others to get involved.

Need more on how to engage? We got you with these do’s and don’ts:


  • Be active and engaged: Regularly participate in conversations, answer questions, and acknowledge feedback from your community members.
  • Show genuine interest: Demonstrate that you value your community's opinions, ideas, and contributions by actively listening and responding thoughtfully.
  • Initiate discussions: Start conversations on various topics related to your NFTs, art, or relevant subjects to encourage interaction among your community members.
  • Encourage collaboration: Foster a collaborative environment where community members can share their creations, collaborate on projects, or offer suggestions.
  • Offer exclusivity and perks: Reward your most dedicated community members with exclusive content, early access to NFT drops, or special perks to show appreciation.
  • Organize events and activities: Host events, contests, or giveaways within your Discord server to keep the community engaged and excited.


  • Avoid neglecting your community: Regularly check and respond to messages within your Discord server to avoid appearing disinterested or inactive (people forget about you fast!)
  • Don't be dismissive: Should go without saying, but treat all community members with respect, even if you receive critical feedback. Engage in constructive discussions and consider different perspectives.
  • Avoid spamming or excessive self-promotion: Balance your engagement by actively contributing to conversations rather than overwhelming the community with constant self-promotion (people won’t thank you for it).
  • Don't overlook feedback: Take feedback and suggestions seriously, and use them to improve your NFT creations and community experience.
  • Avoid favoritism: Treat all community members equally and avoid showing excessive preference to certain individuals or groups.
  • Don't be too rigid: Remain open to new ideas and adapt your approach based on the needs and preferences of your Discord community.

3. Use listing sites

Expand the reach of your Discord community by leveraging listing sites. Get going by adding your server to as many listing sites as possible. 

Need inspo? We recommend platforms like Disboard and Discord.me, both of which allow users to discover and join servers based on their interests. By listing your server on these platforms, you'll attract potential members who are actively seeking communities centered around what you're doing.

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4. Partnerships

Collaborating with other creators and communities through partnerships can be a game-changer. Get going by reaching out to like-minded creators or brands and proposing mutually beneficial partnerships.

Consider cross-promotion, where you and another server post advertisements for each other in your partnership channels. This allows members to explore and join other servers that align with their interests, helping both communities grow.

Need some inspo? Here are some super cool servers that the team at Tropee loves:

  • OpenSea's Discord community has approximately 162,000 members and is one of the most popular NFT marketplaces around. It’s also got plenty of resources to help those who are just getting started with NFTs. 
  • The Bored Ape Yacht Club’s Discord group boasts more than 23,000 members. Cool right? The members of the Yacht Club can use the virtual lounge and restroom, which are only accessible to those who have Bored Ape membership cards.
  • Curious about web3 but not sure where to start? Then Buildspace is the right place to start. You will learn and you will start building cool stuff and you will access secret work opportunities in crypto.
  • CryptoDevHub is the place where Blockchain and crypto developers learn, meet and grow. If you want to learn blockchain development then CryptoDevHub is gonna deliver.

5. Promote your server on your other social channels

Simple stuff, right? Leverage your existing social media presence to promote your Discord server.

Get going by sharing the link to your Discord server on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTokTwitter, and Twitch. Let your followers know about the vibrant community they can be a part of by joining your Discord server.

Encourage them to engage with your content and connect with fellow fans in real-time.

6. Create a vanity URL for your server

Give your Discord server a professional touch by creating a custom vanity URL.

Get going by customizing your Discord server's invite link with your server name or brand. A memorable and personalized URL makes it easier for your fans to join and share the link with others, resulting in increased visibility and growth for your community.

Need help? We’ve got you with some helpful do’s and don’ts:


  • Keep it simple and memorable: Choose a vanity URL that is easy to remember and reflects your server's name, brand, or theme.
  • Use your brand name: If your Discord server represents a brand or project, incorporate the brand name into the vanity URL to reinforce your identity.
  • Make it relevant: Ensure that the vanity URL relates to the content or purpose of your Discord server, making it more relevant to potential members.
  • Test the link: Before promoting the vanity URL, test it to ensure it works correctly and directs users to the intended server.
  • Share it on social media: Promote the custom vanity URL on your social media platforms to attract more potential members and increase visibility.
  • Encourage sharing: Encourage your existing community members to share the vanity URL with their friends and followers to grow your server's reach.


  • Avoid using complex or lengthy URLs: A vanity URL should be short and straightforward, making it easier for users to type and share.
  • Don't use generic names: Avoid generic or common names that might not stand out or be easily associated with your server's content.
  • Steer clear of misleading URLs: Ensure that the vanity URL accurately represents your Discord server's content to avoid confusion or disappointment among new members.
  • Don't change it frequently: Once you've set up a custom vanity URL, try to keep it consistent to avoid confusion and maintain brand identity.
  • Avoid violating Discord's guidelines: Ensure that your custom URL adheres to Discord's terms of service and community guidelines to avoid any potential issues or violations.

7. Engage your community with giveaways and contests

Everyone loves a chance to win something exciting! Get going by organizing giveaways and contests within your Discord server.

Encourage your community to participate and engage by offering exclusive prizes (check out our article on how to choose the best prize ideas for your web3 giveaway).

With Tropee, you can also create giveaways where people must join your Discord or have a specific role in your Discord server to get more entries. Plus, you can encourage them to refer their friends for extra chances to win, promoting your server and bringing in new faces.

Need more? We’ve written a whole blog post on giveaways - so feel free to dive right in.

So, there you have it

By implementing these seven strategies, you'll create a dynamic and thriving Discord community around your brand.

Remember, building a community takes time and effort, so stay consistent, interact with your fans, and foster a positive and inclusive atmosphere. With Discord as your platform, the possibilities for connecting with your fans and expanding your community are endless.

So, dive in, unleash your creativity, and watch your Discord server flourish.