Eight of the best NFT utilities launched on Tropee last year

How’s January been so far for you? Not gonna lie, it’s been pretty hectic over at Tropee HQ as we’ve celebrated the launch of Community-Led Utilities, a feature that’s honestly gonna blow you away. With Tropee, anyone can now collect, share and even create utility NFTs in just a few clicks. We don’t want to be presumptuous, but if you're inspired (honestly though, you will be) then check out our blog on how to get started building your own NFT utilities. 

Need some inspo? We got you. We’ve compiled the eight best utilities which have been built on Tropee over the last year.  There’s some great innovation going on.

OK. Ready? HWG?

#8 - Get exclusive merch with Alpine Cars

Top of the list at number eight is Alpine Cars, a sport specialty car brand, born from racing, made by racers, for racers at heart. They’re fabulous. But can’t quite stretch to one of their luxury motors?

No worries - check out the Let There Be Light Genesis Collection built on three tiers of NFTs: Legendary, Ultra Rare and Common. Inspired by the A110 car collection, holders can get their hands on limited edition physical eyewear. They look amazing and will have everyone feeling pretty envious. We want some - and we expect you do too.

#7 - Meet huge artists at Grand Prix Sacem

Coming in hot at number seven is Sacem.fr, the renowned French company which manages the rights of authors, composers and music publishers and which dropped its first NFT collection this year. 

Utilities are at the heart of this exciting collection, offering holders access to different benefit levels: including concert tickets, one-year subscriptions to an online music service, and access to the Grands Prix Sacem awards ceremony held earlier this month. We particularly love that some lucky holders got the chance to meet award-winning artists in person. Yep, we’re jealous, and we don't care who knows it.

#6 - Rhino merch FTW with G-Star RAW

If physical merch is your thing, we’ve got you covered with our number six pick: G-star G-NO 

You probably know of G-Star RAW already (you might well own a pair of their jeans), but you might not know that they’ve catapulted into the NFT space with a pretty awesome collection centered around their brand mascot: G-NO the rhino.  

The original G-NO was created back in 2007 as a physical mascot and was only available for sale in stores twice a year. And today, G-NO has had a digital upgrade as a collectable NFT avatar. But that’s not all - get a digital G-NO and you’ll get your hands on the ultimate physical collectible, a real-life mascot to keep. Amazing.  

#5 - Grab promo codes for NFT Paris

Ok, we’re cheating a little, because our number five pick isn’t just one collection, but a whole raft of clever creators who are jumping on the NFT Paris bandwagon. Not heard of NFT Paris? Where have you been?! The annual event is where pioneering brands and NFT coolkidz meet and share knowledge. You’re gonna want a ticket. 

And the good news is that we’re working with plenty of clever creators who are using promo codes for the event as a great, and timely, utility for their loyal communities. Check out Robotos, Lazy Lions, Rug Radio, Human Kind, Worldwide Webb, Everai, Cyberbrokers and NFT Factory. See, we told you we’d cheated…


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#4 - Audiobooks rule ok for Tales from the Wild

At number four is something a bit different. Tales from the Wild is an ADORABLE fantasy universe, where the order of the day is storytelling. The characters are amazing and the utilities are really great. In fact they've been sharing exclusive chapters of their fantasy blockbuster to their community, every week — via an audiobook. They are currently on chapter 10. Brilliant stuff - it’s a surefire way to keep your communities coming back for more.

#3 - IRL experiences at Lux Resorts

Super swish hotel chain Lux Resorts is our number three pick. This brand has jumped on the NFT utility train in a big way, offering not just exclusive getaways, which can only be redeemed if you've got one of its limited edition tokens - but exciting extras too. Lux Resorts promises holders plenty of surprises during their stay - it’s well worth being part of their growing community.

#2 - Wearable merch wins big for 20Mint

Number two (we’re nearly there) is 20mint.xyz - a magazine dedicated to the world of blockchain co-piloted by owners of virtual typewriters. Exciting stuff right? Well if you love 20Mint as much as we do you’ll want to get your hands on one of their limited edition polo shirts - exclusively available for its loyal community. Using physical merch as a utility is a great idea - and wearables are top of the pile. Not only will your community feel pretty special, they’re wearing your brand and promoting you to others too. Nice.

#1 - Phygital experiences from Christian Lacroix

And our number one? We LOVE the Rêves de Soie NFT Collection from French fashion and lifestyle brand Christian Lacroix. This outstanding project offers digital luxury enthusiasts a magical experience, where all collectors can dream of and enjoy a luxurious phygital vision - getting their hands on an amazing digital experience and a fabulous Lacroix scarf to wear IRL. Get involved immediately!

So there you have it - eight brilliant NFT collections which use utilities to attract and retain holders. These clever folk have ensured that their NFTs are more than ‘just a JPEG’, delivering real value to their communities. And best of all, they’ve done it quickly and easily using Tropee to build their utilities in just a couple of clicks.

Want to join the utilities revolution? Visit Tropee today and get started. We’ll guarantee you a smooth, engaging experience and a very successful start to the new year. 

Need further inspo before you start? We’ve got you covered. You’ll want to check out our blog which has all the hints and tips you’ll need to get building utilities right away. We provide our pick of the best too - bringing you our favorite collections which are making waves in the market.