How to get followers on OnlyFans — 6 steps for success

Ever since its launch in 2016, OnlyFans has rapidly risen to become the leading content subscription platform for content creators who specialize in sex work; although the platform has also been used by other content creators such as musicians and fitness professionals. 

The reason for this rise can be attributed to the lucrative revenue opportunities available for content creators, highlighted by some OnlyFans accounts having made millions of dollars each year from selling pornographic content on the platform to their followers. In return, OnlyFans charges a 20% commission on creator earnings, which although may seem a lot, appears to be worth it given the revenue being generated by some creators.

But whilst some accounts are making millions of dollars, it is important to note that this is still a minority of creators (the top 1% making 33% of total revenue), with the majority aspiring to earn the same level of income as the former group.  The problem, however, is that gaining paid subscribers is easier said than done given the multitude of content creators on OnlyFans, and requires a certain level of skill and ingenuity in order to stand out from the masses.

The good news is that there are certain tried and tested strategies that can significantly increase your OnlyFans follower base, as well as motivating them to become paid subscribers.

Read on to learn more about 6 steps that can help you to get more followers on OnlyFans! 

Step 1: Analyse your offering and target audience

Onlyfans marketing

One of the most common mistakes that aspiring OnlyFans content creators make when launching their accounts is not conducting any (or enough) research and analysis into their content offerings, their target audience, and how the two can successfully interact with each other. This is arguably one of the most important things you can do to begin with, as it will reduce the chances of you creating unappealing content, content where the target demographic is small in size, or content for an oversaturated niche.  

In terms of how to go about this, the following questions may point you in the right direction:

1) Is what I offer unique?

2) Is what I offer attractive to certain demographics?

3) What evidence exists that what I offer is in demand?

4) Do I have the time to produce content regularly?

5) Do I have the patience in which to produce content without seeing results for some time?

In addition to the questions above, using third-party analytics and research tools can give you incredibly valuable data that can be used to inform the direction and niche that has the most opportunities. Tools like FansMetric can help you to analyse competitors by generating reports on their performance and earnings. 

Step 2: Identify the best social media platforms for promotion

Onlyfans search by social media

Once you have identified a niche, a target audience, and a work structure that will allow you to produce content regularly, the next step is to identify the best social media platforms for OnlyFans promotion. This is also a crucial step to take, as failure to use social media correctly can limit the impact of your promotional efforts.

Below are 5 social media platforms that are widely used by OnlyFans creators, and their benefits for promoting content.

1) X (formerly Twitter)

Adult content-friendly: Twitter is more lenient towards adult content compared to other social media platforms, making it a prime channel for promotion. This is a notable allowance, as many potential followers and subscribers tend to be enticed by more pornographic content than non-pornographic content, making Twitter an ideal platform for raunchy promotional posts.

Most OnlyFans creators on Twitter: Most OnlyFans creators are on Twitter, making it ideal for collaborative marketing. This means that you have a much bigger chance of finding collaborators on this platform to share your content.

Retweets: Because you can retweet posts on Twitter, other users can share your content with their own followers, meaning that it's possible to gain thousands (if not millions) of views and impressions if your tweets go viral. However, this also relies upon how appealing your content is, and the collaborator network you have built. 

High engagement:  Due to Twitter being all about short-form content that is current and fresh, this encourages frequent interactions. This in turn makes it easy to engage with your followers through regular tweets, replies, and direct links to your OnlyFans account. 

Hashtags and trends: Twitter's use of hashtags allows content creators to see broader conversations going on, and also trends. Therefore, if you do thorough research into popular hashtags (or hashtags that haven't been capitalized on yet), your posts can significantly increase in visibility.

Direct engagement: The way Twitter is set up allows for content creators to directly interact with followers and potential subscribers, and this can be done through tweets, retweets, or direct messages.

2) Instagram

Visual appeal: Instagram's layout is much more aesthetic compared to most other platforms. This makes it ideal for OnlyFans creators, as it allows them to produce high-quality and engaging visual content. The only downside here is that Instagram does not allow for nudity and hardcore pornographic content unlike Twitter. 

Stories and Instagram live features: Because OnlyFans is about building a loyal community of followers and subscribers, Instagram's story and live features are great for providing behind-the-scenes or longer video content, which can boost engagement and interest. 

Hashtags: Similar to Twitter, hashtags on Instagram enable you to broadcast your promotional posts to a vast audience of people actively searching for similar content. The only difference is that Instagram is more visual compared with Twitter, so if your content is excellent, there’s more chance it can get noticed.

Broad audience: With millions of users worldwide, Instagram offers access to a wide audience across different demographics. Among this user base are millennials, who make a sizeable portion of OnlyFan creators and followers.  

3) YouTube

Long-form content engagement: If you have the skills and equipment needed to produce engaging long-form video content, then YouTube can be leveraged to effectively promote your OnlyFans to potential followers and subscribers. This format allows for a deeper look into your personality, behind-the-scenes activities, and can also be used to produce raunchy teasers that can motivate viewers to pay to see more on your OnlyFans.

Monetization and diverse income streams: As well as having promotional benefits, YouTube can also be used to generate revenue alongside your main OnlyFans page. So whilst you are using the platform for promotion, you can simultaneously make money from ad revenue, Super Chats on live streams, and channel memberships. This can be useful early on, as building impressive revenue on OnlyFans takes time. 

SEO and global reach: As the world's second-largest search engine, YouTube's algorithm is adept at matching your videos with users interested in similar content, potentially attracting subscribers beyond your current audience. Properly optimized video titles, descriptions, and tags can significantly increase visibility, making your content discoverable to a global audience. This extended reach is invaluable for building a diverse follower base.

Large and diverse audience: Given how YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, the video sharing platform attracts a massive and diverse audience, meaning that content creators can be exposed to a large amount of people if your SEO and content is on point.

4) Reddit

Targeted niche communities: Reddit is perhaps the best social media platform for niche communities. The platform's subreddits allows for highly targeted promotion, as you can find plenty of subreddits that are for OnlyFans creators. What's more, there are subreddits that are incredibly niche, meaning you can find your exact target audience if you search long enough. You can also speak directly to potential subscribers.

Direct audience engagement and anonymity: As mentioned already, the way Reddit is laid out encourages users to interact with each other, and to also provide feedback. This direct communication allows for a more personalized approach to engagement with users who may be interested in your content. In addition to this, Reddit is ideal for anonymity, and this is particularly useful as there is often stigma around the consumption of sexual content. So Reddit allows for content creators to converse with users in a way which respects their privacy. 

Rich feedback and insights: Reddit can also be used for research purposes, and this is primarily due to the aforementioned direct engagement benefits. Reddit users tend to be honest and willing to provide constructive feedback, so they are an ideal target audience for finding insights that can point you in the right direction. So if you find that these users are looking for something in particular, this will allow you to tailor your content to their needs. 

5) TikTok

Viral content mechanism: TikTok is renowned for having one of the most powerful algorithms for allowing engaging content to go viral. What's more, it's highly possible for new users to go viral quickly if their content resonates well with viewers. So if you can nail your content strategy, then you can generate thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of views by going viral on TikTok. 

Engagement with a younger demographic: TikTok is perhaps the most popular platform for Gen Z and Millennials. For this reason, it is an ideal channel for interacting with younger OnlyFans content creators (of legal age), and younger content enthusiasts. So if you are an OnlyFans content creator that happens to be within these demographics, then TikTok can be ideal for generating subscribers of a similar age to yourself. However, due to the sizeable Gen Z contingent, TikTok has naturally put up safeguards to protect the younger users on the site, meaning pornographic content is not permitted, and you can get banned for breaking the rules. 

Highly creative content opportunities: One of the most appealing aspects of TikTok is the array of different creative features you can, including music, cool effects and filters. Using these features, you can produce highly engaging content that stands out for its creativity, and this is ideal for creating content that is humorous - a super effective way of winning hearts and minds. 

Step 3: Leverage social media effectively

Best social media to promote onlyfans

The question that must now be asked, is what social media platform should you use to promote your OnlyFans account? The answer is although some platforms will be more ideal for your content, you should ideally be using all of them, but in varying ways. 

The first thing you should do is to ensure that your visuals are on point (choose an image that shows off your attractiveness, skills or humour) on each social media bio, and that your OnlyFans link is embedded as well. The aim here is for each social media platform to act as a gateway to your OnlyFans page. 

The next thing you should do is to identify recommended posting times and amounts. So for example, if you are using Twitter, then the suggested posting amount should be 2-3 times a day, and doing so between the hours of 8-10 am and 6-9 pm. You should find the recommended amounts and posting hours for each platform. 

There are then platform-specific promotional techniques to consider. Below are a list of possible techniques that you should regularly employ:

1) X (formerly Twitter) promotional techniques

Teaser content: Share snippets of your OnlyFans content to get new followers excited, including screenshots and previews that don't reveal too much, and thus gets viewers wanting more. 

Hashtags: Use relevant hashtags with every post in order to increase their visibility. Use hashtag research tools in order to find evidence for hashtags with the most reach. 

Engage with followers: You should regularly interact with your Twitter followers using a mix of replies, likes, and retweets in order to demonstrate that you value their presence. 

Pinned Tweet: A good idea to ensure that new Twitter viewers go to your OnlyFans page is having a pinned tweet with your OF Link. This should be accompanied with a post that encourages users to visit your OnlyFans profile.

Collaborations: Using some OnlyFans research tools, or manually doing it yourself, you should make a pipeline of content creators that are in a similar niche as yourself, and this is so you can do cross-promotion with them. 

2) Instagram promotional techniques

Stories with swipe-up links: Consider using Instagram's swipe-up feature in your stories to link to your OF profile. To keep this visible, use highlights. 

Teaser content: Tease your followers by posting eye-catching pictures or digestible clips of your OnyFans content. But whatever you do, be sure to comply with Instagram's guidelines. 

Instagram live previews: Offer a glimpse of what subscribers can expect on your OnlyFans by using sneak previews on Instagram Live. 

Partners with influencers: Consider partnering with well-known influencers to be exposed to their followers.

Engaging captions: Be a wordsmith by making captions that get your viewers excited. To increase their visibility, consider using strategic hashtags.

3) YouTube promotional techniques

Preview videos: A great way to get new viewers excited is by creating teaser videos that subtly promotes your OnlyFans content, and that does so in line with YouTube's guidelines. 

Community tab: In order to keep YouTube subscribers updated, consider posting regular updates or polls in your community tab. 

Video links: In your video descriptions, include your OnlyFans link, and accompany this with an engaging message that encourages viewers to click the link. 

YouTube Shorts: If you are a OnlyFans sex worker, then consider using YouTube shorts to post clips that are raunchy, yet not too revealing so as to be in line with YouTube's guidelines. 

Podcast episodes: Using podcast marketing on YouTube can be a great way of creating content where you can strategically interview other OnlyFans content creators. This will give your guests an excuse to share your YouTube channel, which in turn can funnel them to your OnlyFans profile.

4. Reddit promotional techniques

Get involved in subreddits: Once you have found subreddits that are relevant to your niche, you should actively participate in them by sharing your content; be it images or videos. 

AMA sessions: Hosting AMA sessions is subreddits that are relevant to your niche and can be a good way to interact with potential OF subscribers. But be careful to not overtly promote your OnlyFans profile, as some admins may not be too happy with this plug. So a subtle approach is recommended.

5. TikTok promotional techniques

Irresistible video clips: Because TikTok is all about short video clips, try to use it effectively by only sharing content that you feel makes you irresistible, and that makes potential followers want more. 

Trending challenges: Trending challenges aren't exclusive to a certain demographic, and can also be used by OnlyFans creators to create highly engaging content that can potentially result in your video going viral. 

Bio link: Use your TikTok bio to link to your OnlyFans page, as direct content promotion may be restricted.

Engagement: Engage with your followers through comments, duets, and stitches to build a community.

Step 4: Create compelling content

Onlyfans content ideas

Once you have conducted thorough research into your target audience, and have a solid social media strategy in place, you should focus on creating compelling content that is so appealing that new users who come by your profile will find it irresistible. 

Below are some tips for creating compelling content:

Uniqueness: The fact of the matter is that there are around 2 million OnlyFans creators, meaning that each niche is usually highly saturated with content that is quite alike. So the first thing you should do is to produce content that is unique, and that makes followers and subscribers be pleasantly surprised by what they see. Although it is impossible to constantly produce truly unique content all the time, it is indeed possible to put a unique spin on everything you post.

Quality over quantity: Although it is important to post regularly, this should never be done at the expense of quality. It is therefore crucial to past content that is well thought out, strategic, and that demonstrates passion. If subscribers are paying for monthly subscriptions, they will want to know that you are providing value.

Diverse content: Like any other niche that relies upon content creators, OnlyFans content should be diverse in scope, as producing similar content regularly can sometimes bore subscribers. So look to produce an array of content types, including behind-the-scenes previews, a look into your everyday life, reviews, collaborations, and humorous acts; to name a few.

Verbal video content: Try to release verbal content as much as you can, as this allows subscribers to really get to know you as a person. Many OnlyFan sex workers produce content that is non-verbal, and although this can still be appealing to many people, many are very curious to know more about their favourite creators. For this reason, talking in your video content (whilst performing or on its own) can allow your personality to come across.

Quirky holidays and occasions: If possible, look to produce content around notable holidays and occasions that are quirky. This could be anything from pizza day, steak and blowjob day, to pancake day and international pillow fight day. This allows you to produce highly unique and humorous content that will go down well with your audience.

Step 5: Offer a free OnlyFans option

Whilst your overall goal is to turn OnlyFans followers into paid subscribers, it doesn't hurt to have a free OnlyFans option, as this can sometimes make the difference when converting new followers. What's more, this approach costs you nothing, and allows potential subscribers to sample your content before committing. 

But whatever you do, be sure to strike the right balance between not revealing too much, but offering content that is enticing. Effectively striking a good balance will prevent followers from being content with your free content, and will make them want to pay for a subscription in order to see more. The end goal is to make money on OnlyFans, so making sure your free OnlyFans page strikes the right balance is fundamental.

Step 6: Use rewards to motivate existing subscribers


One of the most effective ways to promote OnlyFans, is by leveraging your existing community to act as your brand advocates. Given how most OnlyFans subscribers have social media profiles, you can turn them into an incredibly powerful marketing army - all through providing rewards in exchange for their efforts.

Below is one of leading loyalty program apps that can help you to grow your OnlyFans following using tasks and rewards.

Tropee — The ultimate rewards platform for OnlyFans creators

Tropee offers an innovative way to promote your OnlyFans to new potential subscribers, as well as keeping your existing subscribers engaged and motivated through a unique rewards system.

By integrating Tropee into your OnlyFans promotional strategy, you can set up a range of tasks for your subscribers and followers to complete. This can range from simple things like getting them to share your OnlyFans profile link, liking and sharing your posts on various social media platforms, or referring new subscribers.

Participants earn points for every task that they complete, and these can later on be exchanged for giveaways and rewards that can be customized to match the preferences of your followers. So given that this is OnlyFans we are talking about, rewards could include exclusive content that no one else has access to, shout outs during live streams, or even private video calls. The point is to provide incentives that appeal to your community, and that makes them feel valued so as to encourage more actions.

So if used properly, Tropee can be used to increase the likelihood that your OnlyFans content goes viral. This is a result of your followers sharing your content to their own followers on various social media platforms, and also through their active referring of friends/associates. This built-in viral sharing mechanism can significantly increase your visibility and attract new subscribers.

Setting up Tropee is straightforward. You simply create your rewards page in two minutes and share it across your social media platforms, embed it in your website, or include it in your email signature. This ease of integration ensures that you can start leveraging Tropee's capabilities without any technical hurdles.

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As can be seen, achieving success on OnlyFans hinges on creating unique, high-quality content and mastering promotional strategies across social media platforms. By understanding your audience and leveraging platforms like X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, and TikTok, you can significantly increase your visibility and subscriber base. 

But in an increasingly saturated market, you need more than a solid understanding of various social media channels, and that is why task and reward tools are a game changer for incentivizing existing subscribers to contribute to your OnlyFans growth.

Remember, while there are certain things you can do to expose your OnlyFans to new followers, your success will ultimately rest on how compelling your content is, and how consistent you are in posting and interacting with your community. Best of luck in your journey to get followers on OnlyFans.