How to get more followers on Twitch - ultimate guide [2024]

Getting more Twitch followers has become a necessity for all individuals and businesses who are looking to monetise their gaming or streaming platform, especially since streamers can earn anywhere from $3,000 to $6,500 per month, and businesses have the marketing potential to reach an audience of millions.

That being said, growing your Twitch channel is not an easy process, and some streamers have even resorted to buying their Twitch audience. This may seem an ideal work-around to some, but not only does this violate Twitch policies, but it can also result in the perpetrator having their Twitch account banned. Therefore, gaining Twitch followers in an organic manner is simply the best way to go.

The following article will help you to investigate and consider the best ways to stream on Twitch, ways to get more followers, and organically bring more viewers to your content.

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Understanding the Twitch algorithm

Twitch algorithm

One of the first steps in increasing your Twitch Followers is understanding the platform's algorithm. The Twitch algorithm is responsible for determining which streams are recommended to users based on their interests and viewing history. To maximize your visibility and attract more followers, it's crucial to optimize your stream for the platform's algorithm.

Most media platforms employ algorithms that determine the kind of streams that are recommended to viewers based on their interests and what they have been viewing previously. In order to get off on the right foot it's vital that you optimize your stream in order to cater to the algorithm.

Two factors which send the right message to Twitch's algorithm are the following:

Importance of consistent streaming

Consistency in when your Twitch content goes out is key. Streaming at regular times is helpful to your viewers and can boost loyalty and repeat visits to your channel. This also tells the Twitch algorithm that your channel is active and being engaged with.

Consistently streaming at the same times each day can help to create a positive sense of anticipation among your viewers, some of whom may be in different time zones. This enables them to juggle their day around your streams. This good practice can strengthen the connection between your content and those that view it, and engender a sense of loyalty and trust.

Furthermore, streaming consistently helps you to plan and manage a continual flow of content so that there is always something for your viewers to watch. This keeps everyone engaged and can also help to attract new Twitch viewers who are more likely to stumble across regular content.

Leveraging the power of Twitch raids

Twitch raids are a great way for you to get more exposure to your channel, while at the same time sending a positive signal to the Twitch algorithm. By the use of raids you can draw attention to your channel and build relationships with viewers of other similar channels

When you and your viewers reach out in this way it gives you the opportunity to collaborate with other streamers, which can lead to co-streaming or hosting one another's channels, thereby giving your channel wider exposure.

Developing these kinds of relationships with other streamers is a vital ingredient to the long-term success of your channel on Twitch. By getting together with a like-minded network of streamers, each is helping the others to grow, leading to a community-like environment where participants can thrive.

Building a unique and engaging stream

Twitch stream

Making your own distinctive, high quality channel in your chosen niche will help you to get Twitch followers and be able to retain them. In order to do this you should consider the following factors:

Choosing the right game

Selecting a popular game that plays to your strengths and provides entertainment to followers is crucial. Playing a game that many others are devoted to can increase your chances of being discovered by users browsing Twitch for this particular game.

When choosing a game, it's important to follow your own passion. Streaming a game that you really enjoy playing not only makes it fun for you but will attract others who feel your enjoyment. Viewers of your channel will not be taken in by fake enthusiasm and low knowledge of the game, so make sure you enjoy it and that you know your way around the game universe.

Another important factor to consider is the entertainment value of the game. Is it visually appealing? Is the  storyline engaging enough and are there unique gameplay mechanics? All this can contribute to creating a captivating stream that keeps viewers coming back for more.

Creating an attractive stream layout

An attractive Twitch layout boosts vie­wer experie­nce and beautifies your channe­l. Try out various themes, overlays and image­s to discover a layout that reflects your pe­rsona and taste.

Your stream layout's de­sign boosts your channel's look, enhancing the ove­rall viewer's expe­rience. Playing around with differe­nt graphics and themes is crucial until you spot a design me­shing with your style and persona.

Imagine your stre­am's style. Do you like simple and sle­ek, or do you want bold and attention-grabbing? Use ove­rlays and visuals matching the game you're playing. Say you're­ playing a magical RPG? Add in some vintage elements to your setup.

Don't shy away from being innovative­ with your stream design. Think about adding individual flair, like a pe­rsonalized logo or a distinct color pattern. These­ minor touches can result in a stream that appe­ars more custom-built and is more likely to stand out for viewe­rs.

Interacting with your Twitch community

Twitch community

Interacting with your Twitch community can pay off with more followers from other channels, who are attracted by the deeper engagement that you strive to provide.

Here are some engagement strategies you might try:

Engaging with chat

Use the­ chat feature to connect with your vie­wers during your live streams. Answe­r their questions and fee­dback, and make sure they fe­el valued. Prompt your viewe­rs to join in discussions. It builds a community feeling.

When interacting in a chat it's crucial to establish an environment that's inclusive and inviting. Take the time to address each viewer by their name when you respond to their messages as this personal touch can make them feel appreciated. Also, make an effort to start conversations by asking questions that encourage discussions, among your viewers.

One great way to interact with your chat is, by using emotes and memes that are well known among your community. This creates a sense of shared understanding and inside jokes which can make your viewers feel like they're part of a group. However it's important to use them in moderation.

Hosting contests & giveaways

Running contests and giveaways can increase engagement and participation. This in turn attracts potential viewers beyond your community and helps to create a feeling of inclusiveness.

To begin with it's important to include themes and activities that capture the interest of your community. This way everyone will have an opportunity to take part and have an enjoyable time. It's also important to share the rules and guidelines of the game first in order to avoid any misunderstandings or conflicts.

When it comes to rewarding both existing followers, a great approach is to offer merchandise, in game items or even personalized shoutouts as prizes. Not only does this encourage their participation, it also creates a feeling of exclusivity and acknowledgment within your community. To make things more efficient you might want to consider using a contest platform that handles this in order to save time.

Make sure to promote your games and contests with plenty of notice so that your community can get ready for them. Take advantage of media platforms like Twitter and Instagram to create buzz and spread the word. Creating excitement and anticipation around your events is likely to ensure better engagement and a good turnout.

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Promoting your Twitch channel

Twitch channel

Capturing those extra followers also requires active promotion outside of the Twitch platform, and the use of strategic collaborations. 

Here are a couple of good ways to promote your Twitch channel.

Utilizing social media platforms

Make the most of social media platforms such as Twitter, TikTok, Instagram and YouTube in order to promote your Twitch channel. Increase your audience by cross promoting your content and by actively engaging with your followers on these platforms. 

When it comes to promoting on social media it's good to maintain a consistent brand identity across all platforms. This includes using the same profile picture, banner and colour scheme so that you are recognizable. Also, broadcasting particular clips from your Twitch streams, providing behind-the-scenes content, and announcing upcoming streams, can create enthusiasm and anticipation among your followers.

Engaging with your audience is so important for building a loyal community. Make sure to reply to comments, messages, and mentions on social media, in this way showing that you value your viewers and appreciate their support. You can also run interactive polls, Q&A sessions, or giveaways so as to encourage participation and increase that sense of belonging to a community.

Collaborating with other streamers

Getting together with popular streamers, who perhaps have a big Twitch following, has the advantage that new audiences will see your content. It would be good to team up with streamers who are in a similar gaming niche and who might have complementary material that can benefit from a joint stream or cross-promotions.

When you collaborate with other streamers it's a good idea to choose those who have similar values to yours. This means that your viewers are not going to be shocked and perhaps turned off by someone who perhaps takes things a bit too far. Collaborations are a good way to help you grow by attracting a larger audience, and hopefully attracting new followers.

In addition, if you're a business, tapping into other streamers' audiences can be a great way to generate leads.

One more strategy could be for you to take part in community events, or tournaments hosted by other streamers. These kinds of events can attract a lot of viewers and can provide exposure for you and your channel. Taking part in friendly competitions, and at the same time, showcasing your skills can encourage other viewers to check out your channel and follow you on Twitch.

Improving your streaming quality 

How to improve twitch stream quality

Quality content is always the goal, but constantly improving the quality of your streams can help to set you apart from the herd.

Here are a few tips to help you improve.

Investing in quality streaming equipment 

In order to attract viewers and to retain those you already have it's a good idea to upgrade your streaming when and as you are able to. A decent microphone, webcam, and lighting set can really make a difference.

The quality of your streaming equipment can be crucial for producing that seamless and enjoyable experience for your audience. A good microphone ensures a clean and clear sound so that your audience misses nothing. A high-resolution webcam allows your viewers to see what you are doing and lets them check out your reactions. And a decent lighting setup gives your channel  a more professional look, and provides a far better all-round experience for your followers.

Learning from successful Twitch streamers

By studying the top streamers in your niche you can gain insights into how they have become successful. Analyse how they set out their streams, how they interact with their communities, and how they produce their content overall. Apply the best of these practices to your own channel.

Keeping a close eye on the most successful streamers out there can really pay dividends. Look at how they stream their content, how they organize their overlays, panels, and alerts. By making these observations you can learn how best to create your own streams.

Look at how the most successful streamers engage with their communities. Take note of how they moderate their channels and how they respond to their communities. By following their lead but building on your strengths as well, you can carve out a distinctive niche all of your own.

Finally, explore the games that the best Twitch streamers play and the type of content they put out around them. How do they keep their streams fresh and entertaining? Take inspiration from how they have uniquely crafted their channels and their persona. 

Monetizing your Twitch channel

Twitch monetization

Understanding Twitch affiliate and partner programs

Twitch offers monetization possibilities through affiliate and partner programs that enable streamers to earn via subscriptions, ads and donations. However, specific requirements must be met.

These requirements consist of having at least 50 followers, streaming a total of at least 500 minutes in the last 30 days, streaming on at least 7 separate days, and attracting an average of at least 3 viewers. Once you have been accepted as an affiliate you can earn through subscriptions tiered at various price levels, which allows your potential subscribers to choose their own subscription level.

Becoming a Twitch partner is also a great way to earn. For this level of monetization you need to have a larger following and be able to consistently stream high-quality content. As a Twitch partner you would be able to earn from ad revenue and even have commercials running during your stream. Customization options would include being able to create your own unique emotes and badges for use by the followers of your channel.

Offering subscriber perks and benefits

In order to attract financial support from the subscribers to your channel, consider giving them exclusive perks and benefits. As well as the emotes and badges you could provide them with sub-only chats and special access to events or giveaways.

Emotes are custom emojis that your followers can use in the chat, and badges are the little icons that appear next to a subscriber's name, perhaps indicating their loyalty level to the channel. Sub-chats are a great way to band together your core followers and create an exclusive environment for them. 

In addition to these perks, you could offer special events or giveaways that are only provided to a particular paid level. This rewards loyalty and also fosters more of a sense of community and belonging to your channel.


By some or all of the above strategies you are more likely to attract a larger audience on Twitch and gain more followers. That being said, getting followers on Twitch will take time and patience. Be consistent, engage with your community, and continue refining your skills and building out your channel - the followers will come.