How NFT Paris sold 500+ event tickets using Tropee

Paris is the place to be at any time of the year, but in February it's particularly special. Not just because of Valentine's Day (though who wouldn't want to be in the most romantic city during the most romantic season), but also because this month, the world's largest and most innovative NFT event takes over the city, and it's not to be missed.

The world of NFTs is constantly evolving, and as the biggest NFT event in the world, NFT Paris is always pushing the boundaries of what's possible. Known for its amazing lineup of speakers, interactive exhibits, and networking opportunities, NFT Paris is the destination for anyone interested in the future of digital ownership.

Sounds great, right?

But that’s not all. This year, the team at NFT Paris has leveraged the power of rewards with Tropee to boost ticket sales and increase awareness of the event. And - hold onto your hats - they not only boosted sales but also generated additional revenue while fostering greater loyalty and engagement.

So strap in, cos we’re gonna show you how they did it.

Harnessing the power of the community

Community is at the heart of NFT Paris, with the event providing a discussion platform between NFT pure-players - founders from Yuga Labs, Doodles and more -  and the top executives of major pioneering brands that are committed to building the web3, such as LVMH, L’Oréal, Shopify, and Volkswagen

Not only that, NFT Paris organizers also empower communities, such as CloneX France, to create their own side event. It’s an open and inclusive approach which harnesses the power of community to drive innovation and industry growth.

NFT Paris knew that tapping into these communities before and during the event could be a game-changer, which is why they dished out rewards to make the NFT Paris experience more enjoyable, connected, and engaging. We love to see it.

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Rewards for the win

To boost ticket sales and engage with the people who matter most, NFT Paris created discount rewards on Tropee for more than 85 NFT communities, including Robotos, NFT Factory, Rug Radio, CyberBrokers, Worldwide Webb Land, A0K1VERSE and Humankind. Each reward offered a secret promo-code, only available for holders of these collections, and offering $$ off tickets to the event.

It allowed them to target the communities that really mattered - and which they knew would be interested in the event based on their past behaviours/NFT purchases.

Once they’d built the rewards - which, btw can be done in just a couple of clicks on Tropee - the team at NFT Paris announced the great news on their website and social media channels, and the response was overwhelming. These rewards were so valuable for communities that collections communicated about them on social media, further increasing awareness and interest in the event.

Huge benefits for the event

The use of rewards for NFT Paris was a massive success, more than 1,100 discount codes were claimed by holders from 85+ NFT collections, resulting in a significant sales boost, with a total of 502 tickets sold via Tropee. And, in addition to the financial success, the use of Tropee rewards also helped to increase awareness and interest in the event among the targeted NFT communities. This helped to drive ticket sales and ultimately lead to a successful event.

Not only that, the use of Tropee to create these rewards was completely free for NFT Paris, making it an even more attractive solution for anyone looking to boost engagement and revenue for their NFTs. Top work, team.

Over to you

If you're looking to host your own NFT event or simply want to unlock the full potential of your NFTs, Tropee is the answer. With Tropee, you can create valuable rewards for your community, increase awareness and engagement, and boost revenue. Make like the team at NFT Paris and get in touch with us.