How Lacoste invited their community in-store with Tropee

For decades, Lacoste's iconic crocodile logo has been worn by millions of people, from fashion-conscious consumers to leading athletes and celebrities. The brand has always been known for being innovative and ground-breaking - so, it's no surprise that it’s now diving headfirst into the web3 world.

Lacoste is betting big on NFTs, and doing it in style with the incredible UNDW3 collection. The limited edition set of clothing and accessories, released exclusively on the blockchain last year, caused a frenzy of hype and excitement among loyal fans and new followers. 

Crucially, the Lacoste team involved its community in the co-creation of its NFT project. This included allowing holders of the genesis pass to choose the design direction of the collection - as well as selecting four lucky holders to represent the project in a video. Additionally, Lacoste has created the UNDW3 factory channel in their Discord community to support creators from the community.

And, even better, the team is now harnessing the power of Tropee to deliver IRL experiences to their holders, in the flagship Champs-Élysées store ‘Lacoste Arena’. We're incredibly impressed by how Lacoste is leveraging the power of NFTs, and we believe it's a fantastic example that can inspire other NFT communities to follow suit and take their digital ventures to the next level.

So, without further ado, let us fill you in.

What makes the UNDW3 collection so special?

Lacoste made its web3 splash last year by launching an NFT line based on the famous Lacoste croc. The UNDW3 NFTs, numbering 11,212 (a nod to its iconic polo) in total, gave lucky holders the opportunity to join Lacoste's new community and be part of the web3 revolution.

So, what's inside an UNDW3 NFT? Well, instead of a Lacoste polo shirt, each NFT showcases a mesmerizing movie of a crocodile's bright eyes peering out from a pond. It's a unique and artistic take on the iconic Lacoste logo that will make any fashion lover go wild. And we are HERE FOR IT.

Ok so let’s talk rewards - what’s the deal with UNDW3?

The UNDW3 collection is all about rewards and utility. Lacoste has always believed in providing real value to customers, and the UNDW3 collection takes that concept to new heights - building a community of fans who feel involved with the brand and listened to as well. Great stuff.

Using Tropee, the team at Lacoste was able to quickly build its flagship rewards - a IRL experience at its Lacoste Arena store in Champs Elysées, Paris, where holders could get their hands on an exclusive UNDW3 polo shirt.

The in-store events allowed community members to meet in real life, get their hands on a rare and exclusive product and chat with other members of the Lacoste community. It was a unique and unforgettable experience that truly made customers feel like they were a part of something special. And you know what, it’s paid off, big time. UNDW3 sales are booming on the secondary market (its initial drop sold out in days).

The process for holders? We’re glad you asked, cos it’s SUPER simple:

Eligible Lacoste holders can claim their rewards directly on the Tropee reward page. The claim process allows them to download a pass that they can add to their iOS or Android wallet, the same way you’d add a plane ticket to your phone wallet. No need to download another application.

Once in possession of their pass, holders can go to Lacoste flagship located in Paris. In the shop, the pass would give them the opportunity to buy an exclusive polo of the UNDW3 collection, only 100 items were available, first come first serve.

Before the event, Lacoste’ sales employees were given a simple link that they could open on their tablet or phone in order to scan the passes of holders.

Amazingly easy, right?

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How did the rewards impact the market?

We know the fashion market has shifted, with more and more luxury brands targeting younger, crypto-native audiences and looking to create exclusive experiences that delight their communities. Lacoste has always been a trailblazer in the fashion industry, and the UNDW3 collection is no exception - showing the fashion world what's possible.

This activation not only allowed Lacoste to showcase their NFT project but also provided an opportunity to bridge the gap between classic/web2 consumers and the world of web3. By presenting the concept of NFTs in a tangible and accessible way, the activation helped visitors to better understand the potential applications of this emerging technology - something that brands often struggle to explain successfully.

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