Best YouTube giveaway picker - comments, subscribers & likes

It's soon to be 2024, and video marketing is still one of the most popular and effective ways of grabbing people's attention. For this reason, YouTube giveaways are quickly becoming a go-to marketing pursuit for engaging viewers, boosting channel visibility, and enhancing subscriber loyalty. These contests tend to revolve around people commenting on a specific video, sharing the video, or subscribing to a channel for a chance to win attractive prizes.  

However, what has proven to be a challenge is picking winners in a fair and efficient manner, which is hardly surprising given how there are sometimes thousands of entries in a giveaway competition.

This is where YouTube giveaway pickers come into play. 

What these tools do is that they seamlessly go through participant's subscriptions, likes and comments in order to evaluate eligibility, and then randomly select winners in order to ensure a fair and transparent contest. 

But with an abundance of options to choose from, picking the right YouTube comment picker (for example) can be a little daunting. But not to worry. 

This article will act as your comprehensive guide for the best YouTube giveaway pickers for 2024, and will help you to find a tool that best fits your needs, ensuring that your YouTube competition or giveaway is a resounding success!

4 YouTube giveaway pickers for random winners

YouTube Giveaway Picker

Below is a list of 4 YouTube giveaway pickers that will allow you to randomly pick a winner from comments, subscribers or likes.

But before we delve into this, let's first have a look into a platform which is an excellent choice for those looking for YouTube giveaway utilities and more.

Honourable mention Tropee

Tropee YouTube

Tropee is a platform that enables you to effortle­ssly create giveaways, contests or rewards in orde­r to incentivize user actions, and is an ideal choice if you need a YouTube giveaway tool.

If you are running a YouTube video giveaway, Tropee is an excellent platform for maintaining fairness by eliminating fraudulent e­ntries, randomly selecting winne­rs, and automatically notifying them of their victory. What's more, Tropee allows for customization of actions and branding, one­-click entry and powerful tracking options.

When it comes to YouTube giveaway utilities, it is important to note that Tropee does not cater for comment picking, and this may be to not fall foul of YouTube's fake engagement policy, which some people believe is extra strict when it comes to anything that can be perceived as artificial comment boosting. But what it does cater for is randomly choosing those who:

  • Subscribe to a YouTube channel
  • Watch a video on YouTube
  • Like a video on YouTube

What makes Tropee­ a fantastic choice for your giveaway, contest or competition is its ease of use. Whilst other platforms may have comment picking utilities, Tropee goes above and beyond by offering 70+ ways for participants to complete tasks on social media, and more. What this means is that users can further boost their YouTube giveaway efforts by having participants seamlessly spread the word on other social media platforms, and this can be done using just one platform!

In addition to this, Tropee is an ideal choice for those who lack time, and leverages AI so users can create ‘Tropees’ (the name of your campaigns) automatically by simply entering a URL into the search bar in order to generate ready-to-launch giveaways. 

There are also an array of well-crafted templates users can use. 

Now, let's have a look at 4 YouTube comment pickers that are great choices for 2024 and beyond.

1. Comment Picker

Comment picker YouTube

Comment Picker is a free tool that randomly selects winners from YouTube video comments, and is ideal for giveaways, promotions, sweepstakes or competitions. Whilst it supports both regular YouTube videos and YouTube Shorts, it's important to note it does not support private or removed videos; as well as those with disabled comments.

The video must be public with comments enabled for the tool to work.

Key Features:

  • Free and premium plans: The free version allows for a maximum of 500 comments from one YouTube video and one winner. The Premium version offers unlimited comments, up to 5 videos, and up to 10 winners.
  • Extra entries and filters: Premium users can filter comments by text, date, and like count, and add extra entries.
  • Spin wheel animation: This feature is available for Premium users, adding a visual element to the winner selection process.
  • Ad-free experience: The Premium version offers an ad-free experience for a smoother user interface.


  • Ease of use: Simply add the YouTube video link and choose your giveaway settings to start.
  • Flexibility: It supports various settings and filters to tailor the giveaway according to specific rules.
  • Support for YouTube Shorts: This extends the tool's utility to the increasingly popular short video format on YouTube.

Comment Picker is an ideal choice for those looking for a YouTube comment picker that has many different filtering options, and which is very easy to use.

2. Pickawinner

Pickawinner YouTube

Pickawinner is a versatile YouTube Random Comment Picker that offers advanced features and filters for selecting winners in YouTube contests and giveaways. It's designed to be automatic and fair, ensuring an equal chance for all participants.

Key Features:

  • Multiple filters: Includes filters like Duplicate Users, Keyword Filter, Top Rated Comment Filter, First Comment Filter, Custom Filter, and a unique Crypto Filter.
  • Free and paid options: The free version supports up to 100,000 YouTube comments, while a one-time fee of $1.99 per YouTube video offers unlimited comments and additional features.
  • Export comments: Users can export comments in CSV format, which is useful for record-keeping and analysis.


  • Advanced filtering: The tool provides various filters, including the ability to search for comments by text, word, answer, or hashtag, making it highly customizable.
  • Security and privacy: The website is secured with CloudFlare's SSL Certificate, ensuring user privacy and data security.
  • Ease of use: The interface is straightforward, making it easy to load comments and select a winner.

Pickawinner is an ideal choice for YouTube creators looking for a tool with extensive filtering options and the ability to handle large numbers of comments, especially for those interested in crypto-related giveaways.

3. Rafflys

Rafflys YouTube

Rafflys is a comprehensive tool for creating free giveaways on various social media platforms, including YouTube. It is trusted by numerous brands and influencers for online giveaways and promotions.

Key Features:

  • Advanced filters: Rafflys offers advanced filters to select a random winner only from comments that meet specific requirements, such as mentioning a friend, using a particular hashtag, or filtering duplicate comments.
  • Transparency features: It provides a certificate to share the winners of your giveaway, ensuring transparency with your followers. This includes a public link, video certificate, and image certificate.
  • Spin the wheel promo: An innovative feature where you can create a Wheel of Fortune to capture leads, customize its design, and embed it on your website.


  • Multi-platform support: Rafflys supports giveaways on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok.
  • Ease of use: The process of creating a giveaway is straightforward, involving selecting the post, applying filters and rules, picking the winner, and announcing the winner.
  • No account access required: For Instagram giveaways, it doesn’t require access to your account credentials, ensuring security and privacy.

Rafflys is an ideal choice for users looking for a versatile and user-friendly tool that supports multiple social media platforms and offers unique features like the Spin the Wheel Promo for engaging giveaways.

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4. Woobox

Woobox YouTube

Woobox is a comprehensive marketing platform that offers a wide range of tools for creating and running successful contests, giveaways, polls, coupons, forms, and more. It is particularly effective for engaging audiences across various social media platforms, including YouTube.

Key Features:

  • Social media campaigns: Woobox allows you to increase engagement directly on your social posts, collect content, and incentivize participation in contests and giveaways using hashtags, likes, and comments.
  • Landing pages and popups: Create landing pages for forms, contests, quizzes, polls, giveaways, and more, along with customizable popup website overlays for blogs, e-commerce shops, or any website.
  • Embeds: Engage users on your website with embedded hashtag galleries, polls, and custom forms.


  • Versatility: Woobox supports a variety of campaign types, including Instagram and Facebook giveaways, hashtag contests, photo/video contests, and polls.
  • User-friendly interface: The platform is designed to be easy to use, allowing for quick setup of various types of campaigns without the need for coding.
  • Customization: Offers extensive customization options to tailor campaigns to specific marketing goals and audience preferences.

Woobox is an ideal choice for businesses and content creators looking for a versatile and comprehensive tool to boost engagement and run successful marketing campaigns across multiple channels, including YouTube. 


Choosing the right YouTube picker is crucial for the success of your contest marketing campaigns. This article covers some of the tools to consider, from Tropee to Woobox, and all provide a range of features and benefits suitable for varying requirements.

In terms of what one to choose, this is entirely up to you, but ease of use, advanced filtering options, multi-platform compatibility or comprehensive campaign management are some utilities on offer that can help guide you in picking the right tool for you. 

But one thing is for sure — picking a giveaway tool that is compatible with your giveaway, contest or raffle will facilitate a fair and efficient selection process, and will enhance audience engagement; thereby achieving your marketing goals through YouTube.

Picking a random winner from your YouTube comments has never been easier, so best of luck investigating the aforementioned brands!